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Let's pray for Japão as the country is going through a typhoon! Posted faz 7 dias
MaidofOrleans commented…
I saw a fotografia of the typhoon approaching and it looked really scary. I hope everyone is prepared! faz 5 dias
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! The Icelandic Elsa likes my Least and Most favourite Elsa of Europe!!! Posted faz 13 dias
big smile
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! The Slovakian Elsa is following me on IG!!!! Posted faz 14 dias
Princess Beatrice is getting engaged!!! Wow! Another Royal Wedding moment! Posted faz 23 dias
So, is anyone going to see The Joker with Joaquin Phoenix in it? Posted faz 28 dias
BB2010 commented…
My husband is watching it on his birthday. Idk if I’m actually interested faz 28 dias
Gosh! The haze is getting really bad here in Malaysia!! Posted faz 1 mês
Happy Mid-Autumn from Malaysia!! Posted faz 1 mês
Okay, I just watched the Playmobil movie, kinda reminds me of the Lego Movie. Posted faz 1 mês
Hi guys, is anyone going to watch the Playmobil Movie? Posted faz 1 mês
Winxclubgirl202 commented…
Nope, I'll wait till it's on TV and I have nothing else to watch. faz 1 mês
Looks like it's gonna be another wedding this coming weekend, only this time, it's my cousin's wedding! Posted faz 1 mês