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JChosen for the win! Posted over a year ago
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Oh my God, you're a fã of the book Rebecca? por Daphne du Maurier? AWESOME! I amor that book! Have you seen the Alfred Hitchcock movie Rebecca? It's one of my favorito Hitchcock movies, and just a great adaptation. :) Posted over a year ago
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Thanks for adding me back :) Posted over a year ago
Sick of Regina. She did way worse than Zelena and was forgiven. Zelena killed the man she loved for Regina. This just shows Regina's personality. Always blaming the wrong people for her problems. Blaming Snow instead of Cora for Daniel's death, this with her blaming Zelena instead of Hades for Robin's. And TBH, i think the writers just did this for plot. This show has horrible composição literária sometimes. Posted over a year ago
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The writers could've made Regina mad at Zelena for hanging out with the Evil queen but no. They chose to make it something petty and unreasonable. Its either that, or over a year ago
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Regina has no idea whom to blame in a horrible situation. over a year ago
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I also kind of thing the writers did this for the plot; they need a way to make Zelena evil again or something. I mean she didn't pin things on Emma, she also didn't really blame Marian that one time--hence why I thought we were done with the blaming thing. Either (like you said) the writers are just having a moment of poor composição literária or they've decided that that's gonna be one of her main character flaws. I'm wanting to say the first of the two because 'xyz character goes evil again' seems to be their go-to plot device. I mean we're seeing it with Rumple for sure. And like you said I'd have rather they made her angry for the whole siding with the queen thing. Idk I hope they get their shit together in terms of composição literária Zelena/Regina. Because I feel like Regina's behaving rather out of character when it comes to Zelena. over a year ago
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^ I definitely agree. over a year ago
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For all you Empire fans, go be a fã of the newly made Rhonda and Andre Lyon club!! Posted over a year ago
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Come congratulate me on my triumphant return!!!
link Posted over a year ago
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For your "Did Rumple Really Make Regina a Monster?" artigo in the Once Upon a Time spot! I loved it and miss your writing! <3 :D Posted over a year ago
Today is my 16th birthday! Finally! I am so happy to have gotten to know so many amazing people with various opinions on Fanpop!! Posted over a year ago
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Happy birthday! :) over a year ago
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Happy Belated Birthday!!! I hope you had a really awesome one! I'm sorry I missed it, I would've said Happy Bday sooner! :D over a year ago
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^ Thank you sm!!! over a year ago
This is a quick pergunta guys. How old is Regina? And Zelena? Because Regin was born in 1937 and Snow in 1956. that makes Regina 19 years older than Snow. emma was born in 1983, making Snow 27 when Emma was born, and making REgina 46 when the cure was enacted. And since Zelena was born in 1935, two years before Regina, Zelena would be 48 when the curse was enacted. Is this information wrong or right? Can anyone tell me? And if it is how is this possible? They look younger. Posted over a year ago
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*Regina over a year ago
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oi hon <3 SO happy to see your defense of Tia, that was amazing and so true! Posted over a year ago