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PureHeroine gave me props for my images
Hey! I'm joining the request of ktichenor. We can't upload imagens anywhere for a week. Can you help us? Thank you :) Posted faz 2 dias
ktichenor said …
Hi, Cliff, there's an issue with uploading images. They never upload or they just disappear. I know it's a tech issue but tech support doesn't seem to respond so i don't know where else to go. But we all kind of need some help, please? And thanks! :) Posted faz 9 dias
ktichenor commented…
We can't upload fotografias anywhere, polls, forums, images. Please help! faz 6 dias
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Ayy, dude, thanks for the add! Followed you back! Glad to find a fellow vegetarian on here! Posted faz 1 mês
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eyo thanks for the add cliff
omg I amor your perfil site look
have a fantastic dia Posted faz 2 meses
ktichenor said …
There is a serial spammer called link. They are spamming everyone's clubes including mine. They are repeat offenders with different usernames. They have been reported a lot but they're still here. Fanpoppers are getting angry and frustrated. Please, please do something. Posted faz 2 meses
ktichenor commented…
This site has a real spamming problem that needs to addressed. Please help. faz 2 meses
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I amor your background image! Posted faz 7 meses
ktichenor said …
Um, you might want to check out the fanpop club. It's a mess! Somebody called Martin Debbarma has taken over practically everything with links, forums, answer quizzes, etc all about himself. I'm very worried. Please do something. Posted over a year ago
ktichenor commented…
He keeps mentioning an ex as well, that's why I'm worried. I don't know if this is ego or something else. over a year ago
ktichenor commented…
Okay, now he's giving out phone numbers. This guy is spamming the whole club and there's nowhere to denunciar him. over a year ago
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oi how r u cliff? u doin good? im doin good so I hope you are Posted over a year ago
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Hello!! Please cadastrar-se if you´re interested n.n link Posted over a year ago
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Congratulations you guys did amazing job creating the site.

#Fanpops10yearOld Keep it Up :D Posted over a year ago
nmdis commented…
BTW your lema is EPIC :D over a year ago