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mooshka said …

OMG please tell me your still around<333

and my ícone is from the tv show Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai:D lol Posted over a year ago
Hello lovelies :) How are my girls? Posted over a year ago
Jessica4695 commented…
heeeey sweety :) over a year ago
freakiin_ruby said …
Not that great... I'm thinking of dropping out of school, 'cause it's all just wayyyy too much for me atm..
What about you? :)
(Sorry for the late reply btw, I haven't been início much the last few days) Posted over a year ago
mooshka said …
awww welll I hope everyone is fine!
I'm still hoping they bring old FP back.
Nope:( Neeru's been gone since before even you left</3
I havn't really been updated in bollywood:/ Anything interesting?
Oh, I'm out of school<3333 Posted over a year ago
mooshka said …
I'm so glad youre back<33
Is everything at início and stuff okay?
I'm good:) I have finals starting on Wed and going all the way through Fri and then I'm out of school:D
and I hate this new FP layout. I miss the old one!
and yes, a lot of people are gone</3 Neeru</3 I hope she comes back one day!
Anyways, have you been keeping up with bollywood? Posted over a year ago
mooshka said …
I missed you<3 Where were you and how are you? Posted over a year ago
I feel so bad, I haven't been on here in months! I've been swamped with crap, but I have new pick ideas and I'm gonna get that leaving a mark artigo finally going, as best as I can. :)
Missing you, girls ♥ Posted over a year ago
freakiin_ruby commented…
SAAAAAAM! Yayy! ♥ The spot is repopulating! over a year ago
Jessica4695 commented…
omg! <3 over a year ago
justchilin595 said …
oi check out my new story under friends artigos "Monica and Chandler's new house: TOW the babaies" pg23 Posted over a year ago
mooshka said …
I miss you. Posted over a year ago
Jessica4695 said …
We haven't talked in forever! Is everything alright? :) Posted over a year ago