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What happened to the server? Status: 500 Internal Server Error*

13 answers | my answer: I have this too..:((( HOPE it ends!
natalie portman

is natalie looks like keira knightley?

11 answers | my answer: a little bit!!!
taylor swift

POSt a picTURE of TAylor wEAring SunGLASses

18 answers | my answer: Mine..Hope that is ok..[!]
taylor swift

Post a pic of Taylor wearing something with fringe!!!

12 answers | my answer: :D
taylor swift

Post your favourite Taylor rápido, swift picture! It can be from absolutely anything; a fotografia shoot, a música video.....I'll choose the most eye-catching one!

20 answers | my answer: I hope that is fine... :D :D Taylor fã 4 life,,...
taylor swift

Post a pic of Taylor wearing glasses! PROPS. (sunglasses will count as 2 props)

19 answers | my answer: mine..!
taylor swift

Post the pic of Taylor rápido, swift with your favorito song written on it!

12 answers | my answer: Mein....:D hope its fine.. I amor this song....<3...
taylor swift

Add a picture of Taylor With a....

15 answers | my answer: With a fã !!! hope its ok...!
taylor swift

Big Taylor rápido, swift Contest! Details Below! *Props*

25 answers | my answer: mein... at first looking up... at secong with hee...
taylor swift

post taylor....

14 answers | my answer: Earings...