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harry potter

How old were you when you first discovered Harry Potter?

43 answers | my answer: I would've been about 7 I think.
harry potter

Would you have changed anything about the books?

7 answers | my answer: NOT A THING <3
harry potter

What house are you in?

32 answers | my answer: Slytherin, according to Pottermore.
harry potter

What is your patronus on Pottermore?

20 answers | my answer: I just took the test now and I got the Russian Blue...

post the first animê girl that comes to mind

34 answers | my answer: Mio ^_^ She's my favourite animê girl ever, I rela...

who are the best from naruto?

4 answers | my answer: Sasuke has always been my favourite from Naruto. B...

favorito female characters from Naruto?

16 answers | my answer: Hinata definitely :) She's grown so much and has f...

Quick! You've just been transported to the world of the last anime/mange you watched/read!

50 answers | my answer: Last mangá I read was Naruto! Yesss! But they...

Name as many animê as you can that you remember watching.

15 answers | my answer: Not as many as some of you guys haha, but these one...

I would like to know your all-time favourite animê character and why~??

25 answers | my answer: Sasuke Uchiha :) Sasuke tends to get a lot of ha...