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The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Opinions on Mikuru Asahina.

15 answers | my answer: idk i find her kindof cute and kindof annoying i me...
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Which Haruhi Suzumiya character are you?

29 answers | my answer: I got 50% Nagato, 30% Haruhi, & 10% Kyon&Mikuru. I...
princess tutu

where can i find season 2 amor THIS SHOW in ENGLISH ONLINE OR ON NETFLIX

2 answers | my answer: Well i whatched it all on Netflix and i know foer a...

If you could meet a kuroshitsuji character for real who would it be?

30 answers | my answer: Ciel DUH X3

If i made a Grell fã club would you join?

10 answers | my answer: yea grell is one of my faves too x3
Austin & Ally

Do you want Austin & Ally to date? Or not?

142 answers | my answer: Tottally!
Austin & Ally

do u think austin is cute? or no?

18 answers | my answer: I dont really have a thing for blonde boys but aust...
Austin & Ally

who is the funniest? ally, austin, dez, or trish?

16 answers | my answer: Dez totally. He's so aleatório and weird :P