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yaoigirl450 said …
Hello Sebastian. Its very nice to meet you! ^-^ Posted over a year ago
Ciel_Phantom gave me props for my images
why hello there Sebastian. Posted over a year ago
Yagami003 said …
My,my! This butler is hiding his true age! ^^ Posted over a year ago
gabriellexgrell commented…
lets just say hes over 500 years old over a year ago
Yagami003 commented…
Nope. I would say, he is 1000 years old. I think many fãs will doubt about it. over a year ago
LocalArtistist commented…
He admitted to being the cause of the plague, and the chef at Scotland Yard said that that was over 500 years atrás (in 1888 or 1889). When he caused the plague he was probably already a couple hundred years old. So 500 plus, let's say about 200, plus another 127 (from 1889 to 2013). Sebastian's true age is about 827 years old give or take a couple. :) over a year ago
Yagami003 said …
Mr. Sebastian, tell me. Why is that you are always idle? Oh! I'm truly sorry for my rudeness. Posted over a year ago
big smile
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hi there!!!^_^
will you please cadastrar-se my club?I have created it a while atrás and its my first time to create a club...I hope you will cadastrar-se :) link
^_^ have a great day!! Posted over a year ago
moonfire12024 said …
Hi,Sebastian.How are you? Posted over a year ago
Blaze_of_Ares gave me props for my comments
I've heard Phantomhive butlers are devilishly talented. Care to befriend a son of the war God Ares Posted over a year ago
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just because you're awesome :D Posted over a year ago
SweetSponge said …
Hi Sebastian :D i am but one of your millions of fãs :D so, how have you been doing lately? Posted over a year ago
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How's Ciel? lol oi you like my picture? It's of you because you're my fave animê character ^^

Daisuke Ono is awesome ^^ Posted over a year ago