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Which show is the Bestest?

229 answers | my answer: Why isn't bleach an option ??? It's awesome !!

What cute,funny,or hott pics. do you have??

35 answers | my answer: Cringe but funny i think

What is the topo, início best animê action show/movie ever

11 answers | my answer: Bleach, naruto and naruto Shippuuden

If you could choose two or three animes that would crossover eachother, what would they be?

33 answers | my answer: Bleach and naruto (Shippuuden) Would amor to see I...

Bleach CD's??

1 answer | my answer: link...

Stupid things you ever heard from non-anime fans...

51 answers | my answer: *Watching Bleach* Dad: Are you watching that stupi...

Post an animê character who is bad at karaoke.

6 answers | my answer: Gajeel Redfox

Post an animê motivational/demotivational poster

25 answers | my answer: iBankai for Ichigo

Who do you think is the most powerful dragon slayer from fairy tail.....

5 answers | my answer: On a normal, regular dia the answer will always be...

mangá with a bittersweet ending.

2 answers | my answer: Death Note ?