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Do you wish Pokemon were real?

40 answers | my answer: um, no thanks, imagine if Giovanni captured his Pok...

What are your topo, início 5 best videogames you ever played?

19 answers | my answer: 1.) Pokemon Diamond 2.) HeartGold 3.) Super Smash...

If you have a Birthday 2011 boné, cap I'll give you props as your late birthday present :)

8 answers | my answer: lol April 2

Who is one of the best person you've met on fanpop yet???

34 answers | my answer: partypony wisegurl pjfan1 THEY ARE ALL AWESOME...
Percy Jackson And Annabeth Chase

When will the Sea of Monsters movie come out? Does anyone know? I heard that it was already in production. :/

12 answers | my answer: They are definitely making one; they're gonna start...
Percy Jackson And Annabeth Chase

what percy jackson movie are you most excited to see?

11 answers | my answer: Same here! I wonder what actor they're gonna get f...
Os Heróis do Olimpo

Who do you think are the Seven heroes that will cadastrar-se together?

19 answers | my answer: I highly doubt that Percy will be one of the seven....
Os Heróis do Olimpo

Who do you think these four people are?

2 answers | my answer: Personally, I think that the woman with the silver...
The Son of Neptune-Rick Riordan

What do you think: The son of neptune will be about Percy in the Roman Camp or It will be about Camp Half-blood trying to finish the barco and procurar for the Roman Camp?

11 answers | my answer: the summary suggests that it will be about percy in...
Half-Bloods forever

Who are your 3 favorito gods/godesses and who 3 do you hate the most?

3 answers | my answer: Trust me, I absolutely HATE Ares. He's a stuck-up,...