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What do u think of these movies? Salt,Inception,Knight n day,shutter in a confusion which one to see n not to see.

13 answers | my answer: Do what I do ... GO SEE THEM ALL! lol What I like...
série crepúsculo

can you please tell me is bella changes into a vampire in the seguinte film of twilight?

12 answers | my answer: I guess it all depends how they dividido, dividir the book up....
série crepúsculo

Is Breaking Dawn going to be rated PG-13 or R?

19 answers | my answer: That's a very good question! It would be interestin...
série crepúsculo

Will you cadastrar-se my Riley X Victoria spot?

3 answers | my answer: Sure why not? They were just as pivotal in the over...
série crepúsculo

Please cadastrar-se my spot!!!??

1 answer | my answer: OK - sure. I can do with some props! lol - Thanks
série crepúsculo

What is Robert Pattinson's cellphone number?

5 answers | my answer: What a stupid question. As if anybody on a fã site...
série crepúsculo

What happend what did bella choose ? did she get mirried?

6 answers | my answer: Why don't you just buy the book already?!
série crepúsculo

Would Bella forgive Renesmee if she joined the Volturi?

239 answers | my answer: Would Bella forgive Renesmee? YES I believe she wou...