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Just posted a new forum, looking to see what everyone's views are on The WB becoming The CW, if you have any thoughts on praising the cw or opinions of what is not right since the change please post and discuss them on here:


Thanks x Posted over a year ago
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I amor your fã fiction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, I can not wait for Chapter 10 of your long story, and you must talk with the productors of ncis to make a episode por what you write!!!! Posted over a year ago
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Thank you! I need to continue it! I had forgotten about it because I moved, and got into school full time, etc. I'm going to continue it! over a year ago
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OhMcGee! Posted over a year ago
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNA! :D Posted over a year ago
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Thank you Dannii! <3 over a year ago
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amor you too, heaps and heaps!! *hugs* ;) Posted over a year ago
Did anyone watch the new episode? Feelings?! Posted over a year ago
To all those who are saying "f" Shonda, please don't. I completely understand that ya'll are upset, as am I. But in an interview Shonda & Chyler said this was something discussed at length and it was never a decision made por her alone. both just felt that "Lexie" didn't have a story left to tell & that it was time to be done with the character. Yes I do think that they should have maybe put her in a coma for a ano to see how Mer dealth, but I'm a fã still & will continue to be. <3 Posted over a year ago
Amazing season finale. So very sad that Lexie died (I sobbed), I can't even believe it. Crazy. And can't believe we have to wait until September to find out what happened. I really wonder what Shonda's thinking behind getting rid of Lexie was, perhaps the actress wanted out? Idk. Posted over a year ago
mooshka commented…
I can't believe they killed her off:( I'm so coração broken! I don't know why they did it:( over a year ago
NCIS_Addict_87 commented…
I don't know why they did either, I hope Shonda does an interview to let us fãs know. over a year ago
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OMG finale. Do NOT miss it if you are on the west coast! Posted over a year ago
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Horrible, horrible, horrible over a year ago
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Wait... you thought it was horrible? over a year ago
gthouse67 commented…
We have to go all summer with a season finale like that. Are they kidding? over a year ago
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Amazinggggg episode! Posted over a year ago
gthouse67 commented…
Loved it. over a year ago
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i will have 2 wach it over a year ago
Blue85 commented…
It was a good one. over a year ago