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mrszaynmalik13 gave me props for my pop quiz questions
OMG i finally found another eastenders fan!!!! YAY! :D Posted over a year ago
caly10 said …
it took u soooooooo long to reply I thought you were dead! :P
good for u! not all of us can manage to read the Hunger Games Trilogy in a day,,, impressive! (yeah I read ur twitter bio)
me.... not much of a reader, universidade books are too much for me to handle!
I can't think of three wish ATM but I have one wish for now and it is to be a sophomore, seriously I wanna pass this ano so bad :/ I'll let u know when I figure out my other two wishes :D
What about you?? Do u have any wishes? Posted over a year ago
RnBStar13 said …
Yeah haha! I soo agree :)
Yeah of course! I'd say that classes as 1 thing! xD
I'm okay thank you and you? ^^
I'd probably be in any dancing film preferably Step Up because I amor to dance!
what about you? :) Posted over a year ago
Monsterka gave me props for my pop quiz questions
I luv Bad Romance ;)) Noo, lately rather not... I'm fine. What about You? Posted over a year ago
leonchii gave me props for my links
well, just my vanity lolz
McDonalsd?! yuck ://
for me, mobile=music, internet=books, and make-up=something to do all day
my favourite time of the ano is Autmn, yours? Posted over a year ago
RnBStar13 said …
Thank you :) and I know :/
he's gone out with a lot of older women which i don't understand, i think he should stick to going out with girls his own age really :/
hehe that was aleatório :3 errr the bible, a teddy and comida of course! what about you? :) Posted over a year ago
big smile
caly10 said …
actually I'm a new twitter-er =) will u follow me?
I'm not much of a reader,,, but I might have read a few books, what do u like to read? Posted over a year ago
caly10 gave me props for my videos
Thanks for the compliment and for adding me back ^^
I'm a big fã of 'how-harsh-people-can-be' qoutes!
Will u plz follow me on twitter? i will follow me username is @calyps00
Thanks! Posted over a year ago
leonchii said …
my summer holidays have started 18 days atrás ;)
author of Ink is a German writer, Cornelia Funke
hmmm....I0ll need to think a lot about that, but I think - mobile phone, internet and make-up
you? Posted over a year ago
RnBStar13 said …
Oh right :)
noooo Harry is better! :p
and my name is Alisha :) Posted over a year ago