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You have some good articles. Posted faz 3 dias
Makeupdiva said about Emmy Rossum
I don't understand people sometimes. I admit I'm not a huge fã of Emmy's but I wouldn't waste my time to go on some board about a celebrity just to bash him or her. Seriously, don't you people have anything better to do with your time than to bully others? Posted faz 12 dias
AtomicWedgieBoy commented…
People bully Naomi Scott and Emma Watson all the time. Why shouldn't we do the same to someone like Emmy who actually deserves it? faz 9 dias
jlhfan624 commented…
WAH somebody doesn't like my favorito so I'm going to go on their fanclub and bash THEIR favorito because I'm actually a 3 ano old and all I know how to do is throw tantrums! WAH! faz 3 dias
AtomicWedgieBoy commented…
^LMFAO, damn. And I thought I was savage. 😂 faz 14 horas
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H*A*P*P*Y + N*E*W _ Y*E*A*R + 2*0*1*8 !!! :-) Posted faz 16 dias
cherl12345 said …
Happy New ano Posted faz 20 dias
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Merry natal & a Happy New ano 2018 in advance, my friend! All the best wishes & may all your dreams come true! Please stay in touch! I miss you! Your best friend Mark :-) Posted faz 25 dias
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🎁❄️MERRY natal ☃️🎄 Posted faz 25 dias
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Thanks for adding back :) Posted faz 28 dias
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You seem helpful. Posted faz 1 mês
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No prob! Thanks for the add back :) Posted faz 1 mês
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Thanks for the props :D Posted faz 2 meses