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o espaço

If you could go stargazing anywhere in the world; where would you do it?

1 answer | my answer: … You know, I once read an artigo about the Atac...
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2 answers | my answer: Okay, so the first thing that popped up in my mind...
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Please Help!

4 answers | my answer: I can, most definitely, relate to you. I'd found my...
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5 answers | my answer: oi there! ... Hmm, it seems to me like you nee...
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Why should the bully hate the main character?

1 answer | my answer: oi there! <3 Here are a couple of ideas that y...
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Help A.S.A.P

3 answers | my answer: Hmm, how about 'Code Red'? That sounds rather fancy...
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Which is mais annoying to you: a story that starts out interesting but loses its luster, or a story that's hard to get into in the beginning but gets better later?

1 answer | my answer: Personally, the 'starts off nicely and then loses i...
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Whats a good name for a ash ketchum x oc fanfic?

1 answer | my answer: It took me so long to realize that Ash Ketchum is t...
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Any ideas for the category "dark occupations?"

1 answer | my answer: oi there! What about thieves who steal certain...
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What should the symbol of my dark organization be?

2 answers | my answer: Hello there. The shawl-like cape wasn't too bad...