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mae2002 said …
hi i amor justin biber too!Ppl make fun of me for that but i dont care so i added u!add me plz i would amor it if we were fanz of each other! Posted over a year ago
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Merry xmas Posted over a year ago
JB_Lover_01 said …
I hate you not Justin Bieber Why? Posted over a year ago
JB_Lover_01 said …
Justin Bieber? Posted over a year ago
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March 1st (Tuesday) is Justin`s  birthday. On his birthday, go to his "Baby" official video on youtube and push the 'like' button so that the 'like' bar becomes 10 times bigger than the 'dislike' bar.

If you are a bielber, cadastrar-se with me copy-paste this message to every JB fã you can find. We need to unite and fight against the haters! Let's show him how much we care for him.

link Posted over a year ago
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happy anti-valentines dia :) Posted over a year ago
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HI! omg! You're back! :)!! aww that's so sweet :) so are you staying?
and I've been good thank you, you? :) ♥ Posted over a year ago
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____☆ * ☆* ☆
___ ☆♥ *☆*♥☆
__☆*♥ (☆) ♥ * ☆
_☆*♥ *(*☆*)*♥* ☆
_☆*♥☆*(** ☆**)♥*☆
Merry natal Posted over a year ago
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I miss you :( Posted over a year ago
jessykitkat commented…
u r pretty! no homo. over a year ago
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Thank you :) over a year ago
JustinBieber238 commented…
i miss you too alisha ! :( over a year ago
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Get on now! over a year ago
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0000________ Friend ________00000
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000___00000000000000 00000___000 LY :) Posted over a year ago