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Please vote for the new banner & icon, both made por my great friend Joy aka smile19 ♥ Posted faz 17 dias
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😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 faz 14 dias
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🌺 The world is beautiful outside 💐
🧡 When there is stability inside. 🌺
💐 Give every dia a chance to 🌺🧡
🌄 become the most beautiful 💐🌄
🌺🧡💐 dia of your life!!!🌄💐🧡🌺
🌄💐🧡🌺🌄💐🧡🌺🌄💐🧡🌺🌄 Posted faz 25 dias
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faz 24 dias
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I'm so glad you like them, sweetie! Posted faz 1 mês
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faz 1 mês
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hey! so sorry I haven't had a chance to reply to your message from last week, I'm actually not really properly online right now because of Game of Thrones spoilers but I would amor to try and see if I can make some ícones for you, banners are not my thing sorry! and i'll definitely vote in the polls! :D Posted faz 1 mês
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ok! faz 1 mês
big smile
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Props for the The Greatest Showman ícones on my spot.
Thanks hun! Posted faz 1 mês
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I can try it but i am really bad in making ícone and banner ><
how are you ? Posted faz 1 mês
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So, today I'm officially 1 ano in amor with Xander.

And we are still nowhere. Posted faz 2 meses
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You are welcome ... Posted faz 2 meses
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Consider me confused. What was wrong with the girl's face? Posted faz 3 meses
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Have a magical week, and a lovely Valentine's dia 💗 Posted faz 4 meses