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katkat57 said …
hello! i'm so sorry that i didn't get back to your post until now, but i remember you too! it's nice to hear from you again, thank you! <3 Posted over a year ago
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You like Dark Souls, there for, you are given the título of "Sunbro for Life" Posted over a year ago
FlamingWaffels commented…
Praise that Sunny D My friend. over a year ago
Windwakerguy430 commented…
Praise the Sun :D over a year ago
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You're welcome. I use my username for everything as well. XD

Oh, so were here before?
Well good luck! I'm sure it'll all work out! 👍 Posted over a year ago
candylover246 commented…
*you over a year ago
True-Finn-Fan said …
a fã deserves a fã back ^-^ Posted over a year ago
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ImaScrubbyScrub gave me props for my answers
ImaScrubbyScrub gave me props for my videos
Thank you ^-^ Have some free props too. Posted over a year ago
Anybody still here? Posted over a year ago
deathding commented…
I've always been here. XD over a year ago
FlamingWaffels commented…
Woot Woot! over a year ago
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Hey! ☆
I'm good, thanks for asking!
Nope. This is our first encounter. I'm candylover246, but you can just call me candy~
Cool username btw. :P Posted over a year ago
Hello ~^^

Thanks for the add! :D Posted over a year ago