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ktichenor gave me props for my videos
Just a prop and a hi! Hope all is well on your end! Have an awesome day, my friend! 😎 Posted faz 3 horas
Lusamine gave me props for my comments
Thank you for being so open-minded! Yeah, it's hard, especially because I can never change my gender. Technically I could por surgery and hormone series, but I have so many imbalances in my brain that taking new hormones could kill me. Plus very, very few people actually know my gender identity. But ay, I've got awesome online friends like you who know me and accept it, so I'm happy. You're into J-pop? Same! Well I'm into everything lol. Who are your favorito artists? Posted faz 1 dia
simrananime gave me props for my polls
I agree. Hate to sound like those 'born in wrong gen' kids but you can't deny that some things were better before 2000 like arts and culture, specially music. I amor classic rock soo much. Not to mention lots of technological changes were coming up during that time so people often had very vivid imagination and hope for future but then 2000s came with it's emo trends and now everyone is all depressed and shit. What do our gen even have for aesthetics? UGG BOOTS?? XD Posted faz 1 dia
simrananime commented…
Preach. I amor Rick and Morty but the fanbase sucks. Often time those Rick impressions are soo cringey. And you can't just act like Rick cuz he is kinda 'immoral' that's why he is soo fun. If he was real he probably would've been thrown in jail por SJWs also he would've first hacked T-Series and deleted their chanel xD faz 1 dia
simrananime commented…
Arya is a total baddie. My fav are deff Lannisters. I amor all Lannisters and I get all my ideas from them lol. I also like Sansa, Tyrion, Dany and Oberyn Martell, still salty over why he died so quickly. faz 1 dia