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oi you have an awesome K project picture of Yashiro and little Neko as a kitty cat . Did you know K Project season 2 is already out to watch? If you have not seen it yet go ahead and watch K Return of KIngs season 2. But first gotta watch K Missing Kings Movie if you haven't watched it yet. Posted over a year ago
SummerMoon said …
I don't know if you'll ever see this, but it's worth a shot: My new Deviantart account is KARKAT-47-VANTAS. I'm not planning on deleting it this time, I hope we can communicate there, I miss you, man. Posted over a year ago
SummerMoon commented…
link over a year ago
MarineHolocaust said …
i cant make a skype on my computer but i can on my phone i have one but i never. use it so i dont know its information lemme look hold up Posted over a year ago
MarineHolocaust commented…
k the username is swagakure over a year ago
Shadowmarioking said …
qurl its cool aight i wont judge in fact that reminds me that i actually have a skype lol
the username's the same as on here, shadowmarioking
y'know i actually signed in and saw my ícone and I SNORTED b/cause its link
fucking flint lockwood Posted over a year ago
Shadowmarioking commented…
okay so apparently i cant share the image link so its that scene where sam asks "how are you gonna topo, início this?" and he just replies "maybe w/ HOT FUDGE" and its that face laughing i know not a great describer of things but there ya go over a year ago
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I'm baaaack. Posted over a year ago
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Choco, if you ever come back on, I want you to know I'm deleting my Fanpop! account. We had so many fun times together, I was so sad when you left~ I still want to keep in touch, though. ^^ If you have one, my DeviantART is QuintonbeTrippin. Please go on there, at least? Thanks alot for everything, though. Posted over a year ago
Pucca83 commented…
Why did she leave? And now you leftD:D:D: over a year ago
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Choco Y U leave? D: Posted over a year ago
ChocoLuvr101 said …
i'd like some magi icons
where can i find magi ícones Posted over a year ago
Moosick commented…
Try livejournal. :) over a year ago
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Oh my gosh, I amor your ícones so much. Tsuritama is literally one of my favorito shows in the whole universe. Posted over a year ago
Near- gave me props for my videos
Nothing. Its just that I litterally found half of my class on there so I found it sort of funny. Posted over a year ago