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Hi :) amor your lema Posted over a year ago
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Hi Posted over a year ago
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I'm in amor with your ícone XD Posted over a year ago
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HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S dia Annacrombie (^_^) Posted over a year ago
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Pies are awsome!!! Posted over a year ago
BirdG said …
What do you think about those penguin-couples? Because, I am trying to find someone who hates them. You hate Kico? ... But you like Marski, right... *sigh* goodbye... Posted over a year ago
She hasnt been on fanpop for months :( I miss my sugary buddy over a year ago
Its been a long time since ive been here, and many things have changed and on that note i say
PENGUINS! Posted over a year ago
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and sugar, lots and lots of sugar over a year ago
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YAY! MY friends ARE BACK! over a year ago
HOLY SHIAT!!!!!*runs to you hugs you* ^^ over a year ago
I miss you sugary friend... Posted over a year ago
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Because you are one awesome sugar-loving Marski fan!.... and your comments are funny xD Posted over a year ago
I wont be on here for a while.
Dont ask why.
Im already pissed off enough.
But i will find the knew episodes online.
And on that note NICK LIED! It said the news eps were showing on tues BUT IT WAS TRUTH ACHE AND COMMAND CRISIS!
Im still hoping.
And checking my record box/tv Guide.
A.C. Posted over a year ago
Bluepenguin commented…
The new eps are showing tomorrow here... hope you get to see them where you are! over a year ago
my poor sugar loving friend i hope you see them and get calmed down! over a year ago
Icicle1penguin commented…
I know right! I was disapointed when they showed that instead of 'Alienated' and 'The lontra Woman' D: over a year ago
EppofangirlXD commented…
yep... over a year ago