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Alan_Smith_Fan said about lost
How many times have people seen Lost? I'm currently on my fourth run through. Posted over a year ago
I amor Pokemon Black and White! The games are class! The region is amazing! The only downfall is the anime, yes it's not as BAD and Sun and Moon but still I wish it was a lot better! Posted over a year ago
Alan_Smith_Fan said about pokémon
Pokemon XY/XYZ is the best series they have ever done or will ever do! I think the Sun and Moon series is a joke... Posted over a year ago
AlphaWendigo commented…
just because XY and XYZ are inaguably better doesn't mean that Sun and Moon are bad, In some circumstances I even prefer SM. I just don't like the art style. faz 9 meses
Alan_Smith_Fan said about doctor who
Unpopular opinion I know but I like Matt Smith as The Doctor! He was my favourite Doctor. What does everyone else think?? Posted over a year ago
DW_girl commented…
Matt Smith is one of my favourites alongside David Tennant! He has that unique ability to act very childish but also act like an ancient god/warrior in the o espaço of one story, plus his relationships with his companions are really lovely and his whole storyline is original and really interesting! over a year ago
BJsRealm commented…
Agreed. amor both of them. faz 5 meses
BJsRealm commented…
Both David Tennant & Matt Smith, that is faz 5 meses
simpleplan commented…
He is my favorito doctor also. faz 18 dias
Alan_Smith_Fan said about Danny Phantom
I know the last post on this mural is from over a ano atrás but I amor this show! If anyone wants to have a conversation with me about Danny Phantom then hit me up!! Posted over a year ago