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Hello :)

Any chance I could get you to vote and maybe leave a comment in this disney pesquisa I made here:


I'm trying to get as many Fanpoppers to vote and comment and your vote could really help a lot :) I'd really appreciate it as every little vote counts :) Posted faz 15 dias
1012jackson said about aleatório
This is exactly how I always have felt

Being left at the back of the shelf

Out of sight and forgotten

And feeling quite rotten

Silently crying for help

An issue with emotional depression
Is each relapse requires a confession
To strangers and friends,
Some of whom think it ends,
And it’s awkward and draws such attention Posted faz 19 dias
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I do appreciate the conselhos about pet training some of y'all gave me. I really do. I will take the advice. But the difficulty training is not the main reason I don't want a dog. It's just the bad memories of all my other cachorros I had and every one them passed away. They're all dead and I just miss all very much. I've never meant to make is seem like I just care about this new dog. It's just having her here is just making it so hard for me to forget them Posted faz 19 dias
1012jackson commented…
Some of those cachorros were my absolute favoritos and now I can't be with them anymore. Alaska, Arizona, Asia, (yes some of them were name after states and countries), silver, porche, Sadie, coco, et cetera. Coco went missing and I've never seen her again faz 19 dias
Blaze1213IsBack commented…
Dude am very sorry to hear about your lost's, like I need what it means to lose a pet you loved so much and have a special place in your heart. My dog Sonny was such an awesome dog I had but sadly he passed away because he ate bones so I do miss him at times. To be honest the dog I have right now I thought of her passing away since she got sick that one time and I was afraid to lose her because she is my best friend but honestly don't know what I would be without her if she did passed away. faz 19 dias
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I deleted it because I didn't want any bad rumors going about me with this dog faz 19 dias
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I cannot believe my mom and and brother wanted a dog. She wanted one, talking about us gettin one and my brother vouched for her or agreed on it (I have no idea why). And guess what? We got one. They both knew I did NOT want one. We had her for a few weeks. I am so tired of her being right on my heels when I'm trying to walk, making me almost trip and fall over her. I'm so tired of her scratching my legs and feet, and trying to bite me (that means she's trying to play) I'm so tired of of... Posted faz 24 dias
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I'm so tired of see her piss stains all over the carpet floors. And most of all I am so damn tired of waking up and walking into the living room and the first thing I see is her sh*t right in the middle of the of the floor and there's literally nobody there to clean it up but me and I have no choice but to get it up. I can't believe I have to stay here início alone with this dog, having to chase after her, having to look after her when I just wanna sleep, and having to clean up her sh*t after her while my mother and my brother are out all dia long. Please. I'll give anybody my $4 dollars to take her faz 24 dias
CokeTheUmbreon commented…
Does anybody there help you? faz 23 dias
1012jackson commented…
I'll do that faz 19 dias
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It's nice to meet you as well Valerie.^^ Posted faz 29 dias
Blaze1213IsBack gave me props for my articles
Thanks for the add back. Am Alax por the way, it's nice to meet you.^^ Posted faz 1 mês
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R.I.P. Cameron Boyce Posted faz 1 mês
melodybryant commented…
TheLefteris24 commented…
Quite unfortunate. May he rest in Peace !!!! faz 1 mês
melodybryant commented…
indeed! he really was a good acter... :,( faz 1 mês
1012jackson said about disney
Jessie and Disney's descendants will never be the same with out Cameron Boyce. And at age 20? He was just a baby. Way to young to go. Goodbye Cameron. Say "hi" to Christine cavanaugh, thuy Trang, robin Williams, etc for me while your up there in heaven Posted faz 1 mês
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I hope you have a wonderful day. Posted faz 1 mês
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I think I know why cachorros hate cats. Because they must be jealous. It looks like the cat family is taking over the world

Lions: the king of the jungle

Cats: the king of the internet Posted faz 1 mês
Ranty-cat commented…
:D faz 1 mês
melodybryant commented…
thats funny though i like cachorros mais faz 1 mês