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what disney princess do I look like

8 answers | my answer: I know she's not a princess but still a disney char...

What disney princess filmes have characters from other disney movies?

6 answers | my answer: In monsters inc, I saw Jessie and nemo when boo was...

in your opinion, what is the saddest disney moment?

19 answers | my answer: I don't know if this is sad to anyone else but it w...

What is your fab toy story character?

1 answer | my answer: Either woody, buzz, slinky, Rex, or bullseye. And m...

How do you start a new club?

1 answer | my answer: In the fanpop homepage, there's a "create new club"...

Is it a sin to be christian because you fear hell?

14 answers | my answer: I need help myself. I feel so confused. I want to b...

Scared of dying? HELP

5 answers | my answer: Im a christain and im scared to die too. And geuss...

Does every Christian on this spot have a problem with swearing?

20 answers | my answer: I got a problem with swearing too. Well actually I...

If God's name is Jehovah then how come nobody calls him that?

2 answers | my answer: I think God and jesus must the main names to call h...

Is this normal and am I an extreme Christian?

8 answers | my answer: oi I get upset when people say something unusual a...