Zuko and Katara Avatar Names

WaterbenderTash posted on Oct 31, 2009 at 09:35AM
This is about the names off of Avatar...
i looked up some of the names on name websites....AND QUESS WHAT I FOUND!!!:)

Jin- Tenderness

Mai- brightness (and isnt she the most brighest person on the show...heh)... oh and also dance

Haru- Born in the spring

Suki- Beloved

Yue- Moon

Do you guys know any more???

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over a year ago SergeantJz said…
Zuko is from the Philiphine, means "Anger" or "Angry"
Katara is from somewhere in Europe, means "Waterfall"
Aang i guess it's from Malayan language, means "Wind"
over a year ago WaterbenderTash said…
big smile
Hey thats pretty cool! :D
over a year ago JediWaterBender said…
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Suki also means 'eagle-eyed' and Katara means 'believer or faithful'. :)