"Jet....YOUR ALIVE!" crys Aang....shocked.

"You bet I am." Jets replies with a devilish look on his face.

"But how?" asks Sokka.

"It was katara really.....it took a while but her spirt water worked. I was very weak. I almost stoped fighting for my life but then I remembered Katara's angelic face and I held on." he turns to Katara and cups her face in his hand, and raps his other arm around her waist, pulling her into him. "You saved me...your amor was my strenght to cary on." Then he kissed her.

When their lips meet, Zuko couldn't help but cry out in pain. His coração was breaking. "UUUUGGGGGHHHHH" They stop beijar and Katara pushes away from him. "katara please! please honey remember me....remember us!"

She steps away from Jet and is starring at Zuko "us...." she says as if something he says sounds familer to her.

"Yes us.....all those nights, when we would sneak of to each others tents.... think of that first night we were together....think of our first kiss in Ba Sing Sa. When we were supposed to hate each other. Think of how you stoped Azula and I got her....you gave me our secound kiss that day. Please REMEMBER our love."

She took another step forward... "Zuko?" she says softly.

"NOOOO!" crys jet as he puls her back, throwing her to the ground. "You amor ME not this fogo nation SCUM!"

"JET STOP!" crys Zuko as he reaches out threw the bars in the cell "You could kill her."

"I would never kill her!" crys Jet.

"You might not mean to, but she is very fragile right now.....and even if yo didn't kill her...if you keep this up will definatly kill her baby, and then she will die to." Zuko says threw tears.

"HER BABY?" the others in the cell ask, shocked.

"My baby?" Katara says softly as she lays a hand on her stumach.

"Katara honey, please remember." pleads Zuko... "we found out about three days ago....you were sick all the time in the morning so I took you into the nerest town and the medican women there said you were about two months along."

"My Baby!" says Katara...she is back now.....she remembers every thing. "ZUKO!" she runs to his cell.

Jet trys to stop her, but she stops him. She blood bends.

"Katara, how are you doing that?" Sokka asks shocked.

"I'm blood bending." katara says coldly. "You've seen me do it before."

"I know, but its not a full moon...its not even night time!" he says scared.

"She must be at her most powerful when she is this mad." says Uncle.

"She is using her anger to fuel her bending." says toph."I can feel her....she.....shes going to kill him if she doesn't stop."

"KATARA!" crys Suike

Katara lostens her grip on Jet.

"Katara, my firefly, listen to me....you don't want to do this." Zuko says soothingly. "If you us your anger to fuel your bending you will become what i once was...please don;t become a monster. I can't loose you." he crys.

She stays like that for a moment then something clicks i her head and she stops. She rushes to zuko and grabs him threw the bars and kisses him. "ZUKO!" she crys softly. "I'm so sorry."

"shhh....its alright my love." he says as he smooths her hair. then they kiss.

the kiss