He frooze in shock, she had never looked so mad at him before. Zuko jumped up off of her and quickly put on his clothes. She rapped a blanket around her and headed into a covered area of her tent to put on her clothes. He turned to run away but a hard hand landed on his sholder and held him in his place. The avatar turned to see it wasnt Zuko's hand, but Katara's.

She was fumming, her eyes didnt look there normal beautiful blue but a deep deep angry sea blue. The type of seas that hold monsters and no one wants anything to do with. She was holding him in his place with one hand and starring him down. He bit his lip before starting "UMMMMMM..... Katara, I didnt mean to-"

She shock him slightly befroe pushing her hand away from him "save it, I dont want to hear it."
now she had tears in her eyes.

I rushed over to her and rapped my arms around her. Then I glarred at Aanng aswell. I bit down hard on my lip to keep from yelling at him. She didnt need me to yell aat him (at least not yet), this was her fight right now.

"Im sorry" he wisperd softly

"What were you thinking???? why were you there???" she was shouting at the topo, início of her lungs.

I saw the others heading out of there tents. First Soka (with a conserned look in his eyes), then toff, then sukie, then uncle. they all we staring at us, and i could tell they were a little shocked to see my hands resting on Katara's arms and me standing some what protectivly behind her...... but i didnt care. I wasnt going to mover until SHE wanted me to.

"I her you cry out softly 'ZUKO' and I thought he was hurting you!" Aanng cried out.

Katara looked hurt slightly and then mais angry then ever. she prushed off my arms and flew progressivo, para a frente towards him pushing him back slightly and yelling "HURT ME?!? HURT ME?!? WHY WOULD ZUKO HURT ME???? HE LOVES ME!!!!!!!!" I looked over to a shocked look on everyones face but it only grew when she added "AND I amor HIM!!! SO DONT EVER SAY THAT HE WOULD HURT ME!"

I piped in as well "I would never hurt her, I would DIE for her."

she looked back at me starteld, then rushed over to my side....... "DONT, dont talk about you dieing." she looked at me pleadingly "PLEASE dont talk about that, I dont know what I would do without you....." she was getting really upset and then a storm came in but none off us moved as the wind picked up and a streak off lighting lite the sky.

"Im not going anywere" I told her.

then we kissed and when we pulled away from each other she turned back at the crowed and said "I amor Zuko and if you cant understand that or except it, then Im leaving."

"Were leaving." I said backing her up.


I stood there with him terrafied that i had just ruined both of our lives. we stood there waiting for them to tell us if they could except it or if we were gonna have to leave.
Katar and Zuko waiting for the answer (photo not made por me)