D. Diversity

Intro: On Avatar, the war caused many diversity problems. Even though everything is one and connected, people still tend to see it as separate and divided. Firelord Zuko and Aang now have to work together to help heal the world and make it mais diverse again. If Zutara happened, it would help too.

1. First of all, I want to say that when you think of Zutara, don’t think of it like, “It’ll never work out, for fogo and water clash.” That’s like saying you don’t want Zuko to be with Katara because he bends fire, or Katara shouldn’t be with Zuko because she bends water. That’s wrong. Don’t judge characters because how they bend. It’s like in life when you judge people’s skin tones. Except on Avatar, it’s Nations and how you bend.

2. If Katara got with Zuko and becomes the new fogo Lady, they are already contributing to the world’s diversity. A water tribe girl marrying the Firelord is setting a good example out to the world of change. If they can get along after a hundred years of war, so can everyone else.

3. You might think that if Katara marries Aang, that would be helping the diversity issue even mais because their kids would be airbenders, thus repopulating the Air Nomads. This is true. But Aang doesn’t HAVE to marry Katara to get airbending kids. It could be anyone. So since it could be anyone, Aang could have his own amor and still have airbending kids, while Katara gets with Zuko. Now the world is mais diverse than it would be with a Kataang ending.

4. Some of you might say that Katara marrying Aang is like marrying a firebender as well. But remember Aang is still an air nomad at heart. And he was originally from the Air Nation anyway. Even if Aang is technically part firebender, we still have to think about Zuko. He still gets with Mai in the end, making that fogo and fire. So even though the avatar is also a firebender, it still doesn’t make it mais diverse than a Zutara ending, because of the Maiko part and because that Aang is still an airbender at heart.