B: Zuko

Intro: Firelord Zuko has been through a lot in his sixteen years. Most of the events were hard on him, and he made a lot of bad choices. Finally, in the end, he made the right choice. He joined the avatar instead of going against him. Though will he choose right with love?

1A. What he likes in a girl is never shown directly on the show, so we have to look at how he’s atuação around different girls and compare them. The first girl he went on a encontro, data with was Jin, the girl from Ba Sing Se. When he got back home, he told his Uncle Iroh that the encontro, data was nice, which obviously means he liked it. So what did they do on the date? First they went out to eat and talk. This means that Zuko likes to have a nice conversation with his amor interests to get to know them more. seguinte on the date, Jin took him to one of her favorito places in Ba Sing Se. It’s called Firelight Fountain. Though when they got there, the lights weren’t on. Zuko made Jin close her eyes as he firebended at the lights. When she opened her eyes she saw the beautiful sight she wanted to see, and Zuko smiled with delight. Then they looked at the Firelight fonte together. So what does this scene say about Zuko? He is also romantic. So know we know that Zuko likes to communicate with his girlfriends, though he can also be romantic.

1B. Then along came Mai, his first serious girlfriend. The first time we see of the Maiko relationship is in “The Awakening”. They were on a fogo nation ship going back início when Mai asked Zuko if he was cold. Instead of answering the question, he opened up to her and told her how he was feeling. All Mai did was yawn and say, “I just asked if you were cold. I didn’t ask for your whole life story.” Zuko looked away, a little offended. seguinte she giggled a little and told him to stop worrying. Instead of an understanding talk, she just gave him a kiss and left him standing there still confused. So when Zuko tried to open his mind to her, he was shut down and only left with a simple kiss. Is that was he was looking for? No. We know that he was looking for somebody to relate to, but it wasn’t Mai. So who would be the girl he can relate to? The only girl her truly related to was Katara. She gave him the satisfaction he needed. She was understanding and she actually talked to him. She even was going to heal his scar! And all this happened the first time Zuko and Katara were alone together.

2A. Back to what Bryan said, don’t you think that Zuko too needs somebody to love, but to relate to? He’s been through the most changes in the show, so yes. Though I must say he needs this mais than Katara, but she needs it too.

2B. Let’s say for a segundo what happens if Zuko ends up with Mai. Katara can’t be there all the time with Zuko like Mai can. So what’s going to happen when Zuko is desperate to talk to someone? He can’t turn to Mai, for he already knows what will happen based on the past. Also, his Uncle Iroh can’t be there all the time either. He’s in Ba Sing Se with his teashop “The jasmim Dragon”. So whom will he turn to? He can’t turn to anyone. Eventually he’ll be very lonely, and their relationship won’t work out if there’s no communication. But if he ends up with Katara, she’ll be there for him as a wife and as a best friend he can talk to. Then Zuko can relax. So now I guess we can say the “journey of love” that Bryan was talking about, clearly isn’t true for Zuko and Katara.