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posted by vanillamoon08
Chapter 1- Zuko

    Zuko woke to a start in cold sweat. He breathed fast. This was the fifth night in a row he had dreams about his long lost mother. He could still hear her voice ringing painfully in his ears from his dreams, “Zuko…help me Zuko…Where are you? Why haven’t you searched for me?”
    “Because I don’t have the time,” Zuko said aloud.
    He sat up in bed, close to tears. Ever since he became Firelord, he and avatar Aang have been working for what seems like non-stop. He truly didn’t have the time to procurar for his mother, who he hadn’t seen since she was banished when he was ten.
    Zuko pushed away the silky, red cama covers and put his feet on the floor. He slipped on his gold slippers, which were under him. He got up and walked over to his dresser, where his fancy robe, veste, roupão was located. He took the robe, veste, roupão and slipped it on. Without a lantern he walked out of his room and through the Royal Palace until he was outside on the large porch. He walked to the golden rail and leaned on it. Zuko looked up and saw all the stars in the night sky and the moon, which was bright and full. He breathed in taking in the crisp night air.
“Zuko, you are so weird,” He heard suddenly from behind him. He turned around and saw that it was only Mai, his girlfriend who was sleeping over in the guestroom.
    “Expecting someone else?” Mai asked, obviously stunned that her boyfriend was shocked to see her.
    “No,” Zuko muttered.
    Mai walked up to him. Her dark hair nearly matched the sky. Zuko went back to leaning on the rail.
    “You are so strange,” Mai said again, “out here with not even a lantern. Not to mention you’re still in your pajamas.”
    Zuko didn’t say anything.
    “I want to tell you something,” Mai told him.
    He looked at her.
    “I’m going away for a while starting the night after tomorrow,” Mai said.
    “Where are you going?” Zuko questioned.
    “Oh, just to the Earth Kingdom. I figured since you’re the Firelord now you’ll need some help,” Mai explained.
    “Thanks,” Zuko replied. “I want to tell you something too.”
    “What is it?” Mai asked.
    “I think I’m going away for a long time too. I need to get away for a while,” Zuko answered.
    “Who’s going to look after the fogo Nation?” Mai asked.
    “My Uncle Iroh. Even though he’s at his teashop in Ba Sing Se, he’ll come por anyway. He’s always there when I needed him. He was always por my side, thick through thin,” Zuko told her.
Mai took his hand.
    “I can be there for you, too. Only if you let me…,” She said.
    She put her hand on his face and turned his head toward hers. She gave him a short kiss on the lips.
    “I amor you,” She whispered. “Maybe one dia I’ll rule the fogo Nation with you, as your fogo Lady.”
    Zuko was shocked. He never thought about getting married to Mai. She was old enough now for she was sixteen (and he was seventeen), but the thought frightened him.
    He took her hand and lowered it from his face. Then he turned away.
    “Is something wrong?” Mai asked.
    “I-I’m just tired. I’m going back to bed,” Zuko replied.
    Without another word, he walked back inside the Royal Palace.
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Chapter 4- The procurar Begins

     Katara was getting married to Aang outside in a garden, and she couldn’t wait to meet him at the end of the aisle. Her father was escorting her in her Water Tribe dress. She smiled at Aang from the other side and he smiled back. He looked handsome in his tux.
Suddenly the weather turned dark. People in the audience stood up and gasped as they stared wide-eyed at Katara. Toph pointed at her and started to laugh. Then everybody started to laugh. Confused, Katara looked down at herself. She was no longer wearing her wedding dress, but instead...
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posted by tdilovestories
"Jet....YOUR ALIVE!" crys Aang....shocked.

"You bet I am." Jets replies with a devilish look on his face.

"But how?" asks Sokka.

"It was katara really.....it took a while but her spirt water worked. I was very weak. I almost stoped fighting for my life but then I remembered Katara's angelic face and I held on." he turns to Katara and cups her face in his hand, and raps his other arm around her waist, pulling her into him. "You saved me...your amor was my strenght to cary on." Then he kissed her.

When their lips meet, Zuko couldn't help but cry out in pain. His coração was breaking. "UUUUGGGGGHHHHH"...
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they had taken the gang to a prison under ground.

when they got there, they put zuko in a cell and draged katara to a private room.

after a long long time........

Katara came out of the room and she had been beaten up. SHe had a cut on her lip and an already blackening eye. she was also walking with a slight limp and was doing everythig she could to keep from moving her rist to much. I growled at the man who was leading her. "How Dare you tuch her!"

she starred at me for a moment and then started laughing. "Him......hurt me? He didnt do this to me," she gets really mad, "YOU DID!"

"What? No...
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It had been 3 weeks since the gang found out about me and Katara and I think they were finally starting to get used to it. the only people who seemed to be a little uneasy about it was Aang and Soka. Aang because of the fact that he had feelings for Katara, but she didnt feel for him and he was trying to get over it. Soka because he was worried I would hurt Katara. He even confronted me about it and I had to reasure him I wouldnt never hurt her and then he told me hed kill me if i hurt her.


I was just so happy that we could finaly be together in the dia time. Not having...
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