Here are the student's records,Mr. Sozin." the Principles secretary placed a stack of papers on her boss' desk. Mr. Sozin nodded.

"Thank you,Miss Jo Dee.You may go." he said as the woman walked put and went back to her work.

The man opened the records to see the face of his great granddaughter.He thought he wouldn't live to see the dia when his only great grandchild was sent to Sozin Academy.Sozin smiled and opened her records.

Name:Aniya Meilodie Agni


Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Light Blue

Father: Zuko Zyheir Agni

Mother: Katara Daniella Agni

Siblings: Zurrain Jon Agni
Kanon May Agni

Criminal Charges: None

Overall Grade Average: High A Range

Class: First Class

The Principle grinned and closed the young lady's records.He picked up the phone and called Aniya's home.

"Hello?" Aniya said once she picked up the phone.

"Guess who." Sozin said with a slight laugh,

Aniya, recognizing his voice,smiled and said excitingly, "Grampa Sozin!"

"Indeed." Sozin laughed. "I got a surprise for you,my child."

"Oooooo!What is it?"

"Your accepted into Sozin Academy!Congratulations!"

The blue eyed girl dropped the phone and screamed,waking up her older brother,younger sister,mother and father.They all cam downstairs from their rooms.

"Why are you screaming?!Geez.." Zurrain,her brother,said slightly annoyed.

"I got accepted into Sozin Academy!" Aniya said and screamed again.

"Congratulations,'Niya!" Kanon,Zuko and Katara said.

On the other line was a grinned great grandfather as he heard his family celebrate.He hung up the phone,knowing Aniya wouldn't go back to it and looked at the seguinte record.