Chapter One
Katara sat on the ledge of a cliff por herself. She had her legs up to her chest. She sat there, quietly. She sighed heavily. Zuko had just joined the group to save the world from the fogo Lord. She watched the ocean waves crash against the cliff's bottom. She wondered what it would be like to fly across the water. She would soar across like-
"Katara?" a voice asked, interrupting Katara's thoughts. Katara turned to see who it was.
"Zuko? What do you want?" she said coldly. She glared her dark blue eyes.
"I need to talk to you," he answered. Katara turned back to her regular sitting position. She stared out at the ocean. Zuko sat por her, sides brushing up against sides. Sparks flew all over Katara's body. She blushed some.
"What about?" Katara asked, still sounding cold. She was always against Zuko. She would never fall for his trick. Whatever that was.
"I know you might not like me," Zuko started to say.
"Not like you? I HATE you," Katara snapped, still looking over at the ocean. The sun was setting.
"But if the whole world was against you," Zuko said softly. "I would be on your side." He smiled at Katara. Katara turned to him, smiling inside. She found herself smiling on the outside also.
They stared at each other for a little while. As the sun began to set deeper and deeper, the two leaned in.
Zuko's lips touched Katara's so gently. Katara wanted to burst into a billion pieces. They leaned in more. Katara's lips danced in Zuko's touching. His arm seeked across to her back. Katara pulled away. Zuko looked shocked.
"What's wrong?" he asked softly.
"We...we can't do this," Katara said, disappointed.
"Why not? Its not like Aang loves you," Zuko said, joking. "And you don't want him to be...Oh." He saw Katara's face go to a sad face.
Katara smiled softly. "But...we can just do this...quietly."
"So..a secret love?" Zuko asked in a whisper. Katara nodded.
"I gotta go," Katara said. "Aang and I have some planning to do." She got up and walked off. She felt Zuko's stare upon her. The kiss had been so magical. She couldn't wait until their segundo kiss. If there was going to be one...