zuko and mai kiss at katara's birthday party
Dear Diary,
Today is 7/46. It’s my birthday. I’m so happy. “Katara come down stairs I got something for you!” I heard Aang call. I ran down stairs and saw everyone shouting, “SURPRISE!!” I was speechless. But not because of the surprise party, but because Zuko was holding Mai in a way that made me uncomfortable. “Happy birthday little sister.” Sokka said hugging me. “Thanks guys.” We all went to the sitting area for cake and presents. I saw Zuko kiss Mai than she sat on his lap. I almost jumped at her and killed her but than I remembered she was just a cover up for me and Zuko’s love. “Katara open up mine first.” “Thanks Suki, oh my gosh it’s beautiful.” “Glad you like it.” It was a priceless keoshi island necklace. “Ok little sister. I thought my present would come in handy for the future.” “Sokka you shouldn’t have. How did they let you take some?” “I pulled some strings.” It was spirit water from the oasis at the North Pole. seguinte was Toph “Toph thanks for coming. How was your visit with your parents?” “It was fine. Now for your present. Here you go.” She gave me an earth kingdom hair clip. “Oh Toph this is beautiful.” “No problem.” “Zuko you next”, said Sokka. “Ok. Well Katara, here you go……” he gave me a fogo nation bracelet that’s been in his family for generations. It’s really good because Mai wasn’t upset, she hated the bracelet. “Thank you Zuko.” “Guess it’s my turn.” Mai said with no emotion. “Thanks Mai, I’m sure these will come in handy one day.” She gave me a box of her weapons she uses in a fight. “Well Katara. I hope you like it.” Aang said. He was the last one. I opened the box and saw it was one of the gliders from the Northern air temple. “Wow Aang this is great.” I loved every single one of my gifts. Than Sokka brought out the cake. The cake was vary delicious. “Want to watch a comedy movie Katara?” Suki asked. “Sure as long as you and Sokka won’t lock lips the whole movies.” Sokka and Suki blushed. “Ok” Sokka agreed. Most likely to make me happy because it was my birthday. Sokka still sat with Suki and Zuko still sat with Mai. The movie was vary funny. Mai didn’t laugh big shocker. “That was a great movie.” Sokka said. And since it was my birthday we watched three movies. Zuko and Mai were the first to leave. “Night honey.” Zuko said beijar Mai, they kissed for a while. This made me vary jealous. “Sukie come let’s go to sleep.” “Night guys.” Then before I knew it Zuko was in his room, Mai was in her room, Sokka and Suki went to Sokka’s room. Toph left outside to her room (she likes to sleep in a stone made tent). Aang and I were left alone. “Katara I have something to tell you.” “What is it Aang?” then he got closer to me. “Aang what are you doing?” “Shhhh” he put his finger to my lips to shush me. Then he grabbed my face and pulled me closer. Before I knew it we were kissing. I pulled away “Aang what are you doing?” “Katara I amor you.” “Oh Aang.” He kissed me again. But all I could think about was Zuko. Well this could be my cover up just like Mai was for him. So I let go and tried to be happy, so I would blend in. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back. His hands moved down to my waist. “Aang we should be getting to bed.” “Ok see you in the mourning sweetheart.” “Right” I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek then left to my room. As soon as was about to fall asleep my door opened. I forgot to lock it. “Hello who’s there?” “Shhhh Katara it’s me Zuko.” “Zuko?” I said in a whisper. He went to the door then locked it. “Katara I missed you. Now it’s time for your real birthday present.” “Really? What is it?” then he came closer. “Zuko,” “Katara just kiss me.” We started beijar then he started to unbutton my dress. “Zuko wait……” “Katara don’t you trust me?” “Yes.” “Then relax everything’s fine.” He grabbed my face and started beijar me again. He was taking my cloths off one por one. He grabbed my hand and put them on his shirt. So I started to unbutton his shirt. We didn’t stop kissing. “Oh Zuko!” I moaned out. But he stopped me por putting his hand over my mouth. He saw the confused look on my face. “Shhhh Katara. We can’t let anyone hear us.” I smiled under his hand. I could taste his fingers on my lips. He replaced his hand with his lips. I couldn’t be happier. “Oh Katara!” I put my hand over his mouth. He grabbed my hand and started beijar my fingertips. “OH!” we both moaned at the same time…………

zuko and katara in her room
aang kisses katara