when katara sees sokka and suki in cama
Dear Diary,
Today is 7/ 25, and I had to get up early since my birthday was tomorrow. So I left out of my room to wake up Sukie (she was across the hall). I knocked on her door and nobody answered. I turned the handle and noticed that it was unlocked (usually everyone locks their door unless their not there). So I opened it to see if she might be there. When I opened the door I saw Sokka laying on the cama and Suki on topo, início of him on her stomach. At first I wasn’t sure what I saw. Until I only saw the cover on both their waist. I turned away; I was ready to burn my eyes and brain to remove the image forever. Then I screamed “Oh guy. GROSS!!! REALLY??!!!” then they woke up bewildered. “Katara what are you doing?? DON’T YOU KNOW TO KNOCK?!?!?!” “I’m….. I’m……. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. And I did knock but no one answered.” Then I saw Sokka grab a travesseiro and put it under the covers. I didn’t understand until Suki got up and had the blanket wrapped around her. Sokka had only the travesseiro on. I shut my eyes as tight as I could and felt my way out. “Suki I’ll be in the sitting room when you’re ready.” “Ok” I went to the sitting area trying to erase the imagens I just saw. “Katara!” “Ahh oh my gosh, Aang you scared me. I… I didn’t see you there. What’s going on?” “Well I’m here because ……. Aren’t you and Suki going shopping today?” “Um…. Yeah, I’m just waiting for Suki to get ready. Than I’m going to do a last check if anyone wants to come.” “Oh. Ok.” Me and Aang wait. Then here comes Mai, she’s always been iffy to me. She’s never been on my good side or bad. Than I saw Zuko come out of his room. I couldn’t help it but every one of my thoughts was on him. And how he would look por my side with his camisa off. <3 Then it was interrupted when Zuko kissed Mai lightly on the lips. I had mixed feelings about that. “Do you mind if we cadastrar-se you?” asked Zuko with his arms around and her arms around her waist. “Um… sure no problem. Now hopefully Toph and Sokka can come then we’ll have the whole gang shopping together.” “It’ll be just like old times.” Zuko smiled. Then I smiled because he just lit ten my day.  “Alright, we can take turns with shopping buddies.” Sokka started. Until Toph interrupted him, “Hey sorry Sokka, but I can’t go I’m going to visit my parents.”
“Oh ok Toph we’ll miss you until you get back.” Aang said. “So back to the plan first for an hora it’ll be. Me and Sukie, Mai and Zuko, and Katara and Aang. We’ll all meet in the comida court in one hour.” “Ok” everyone said.
When we arrived at the mall we all dividido, dividir up, and I couldn’t wait for my time with Zuko. So everyone left and I and Aang headed for the dresses. He didn’t mind, it was actually his idea. He wanted to help me find a dress for my birthday. He was such a sweet kid. “So Katara that is por far the best dress ever for you.” I could feel my cheeks get hot again. “Thanks Aang I think I’ll get it.” We left the store and headed for the comida court, since our hora was up. “So now since we’re all here Aang come with me, Katara you’re with Mai, Suki and Zuko, ok guys back in one hour.” This was probably going to be the most uncomfortable trip through the mall. The Pearson I’m in amor with, girlfriend is now shopping with me for jewelry. Most aquward situation ever. “We’re going to speed things up now. Me and Katara, Suki you’re with Mai, Aang and Zuko.” I had Sokka on my trip, and it was a disaster. He wouldn’t stop talking about Suki. And how Suki might be “the one”. “That’s great Sokka, you guys are great together.” Soon enough our time was up thank god. seguinte I had Suki and I was happy for that because it’s nice to have a girl help me with shopping. And after my hora with Suki it would be my turn with Zuko. Finally our hora was up. That was probably the longest hora ever. Zuko and I walked for a while until, we were far enough from the others. I told Zuko, “Zuko follow me I got to tell you something.” “Sure Katara.” He said sounding confused. I held his hand and pulled him to the back stairs. “Zuko this may be hard to believe, but……. I amor you and I can’t live without you. I know you amor Mai. I just wanted you to know.” “Katara I….” “I know you don’t feel the same, but I can’t help it. I just thought it would be nice for you to know.” “Katara.” “Yes?” “Come here.” He grabbed me por my face and kissed me. “I don’t understand. I thought you amor Mai!” “I do I amor you too.” “But you know no one can know or we both be dead.” “You know Katara we still have fifty minutos left.” I hooked my arms around his neck, and then we kissed again. ”Wait Zuko...” I said breathless. I put my hands on his chest, and burred my head in between my hands, and started to sob. “What is it Katara? Is something wrong?” “Well Zuko……Yes something is wrong. We can’t do this.” I said looking away. “Hey, hey, oi look at me.” He pulled my face up so I would be forced to look into his eyes. “Listen Katara. I amor you.” “What about Mai?” “I like her, but I amor you. And nobody can find out about us. So Mai will be my cover. Of course I have to act like I like her, so we won’t seem suspicious. But I only amor you, please stay with me?” there was a long silence. Than he started to kiss my jaw line, down to me throat. “Fine. Ok” “Yes thank you Katara. You won’t be sorry!” then he spun me around and kissed me. I wanted to stay here forever but, “We should be getting back to the others so we can go home.” “Katara one last kiss before I have to be Mai’s boyfriend again.” “Ok” we did a quick kiss than left. “Hey guys so how was everyone’s sopping trip?” Sokka asked holding Suki. “Great” everyone said. “Let’s go home” Sokka said. I didn’t want to know what he was planning for the night. *shudders*
We got início and ate chicken, rice, and fruit. Aang was the first to leave the room. I followed him out, “Aang are you alright? You’re usually the last Pearson to leave.” “I’m just tired.” “Are you sure?” “Yeah.” “Alright see you in the mourning.” “Night Katara.” That was vary strange. Soon everyone went to bed. Zuko, Mai and I were the last to leave. We all went to our own rooms. Then I dozed off to a peaceful slumber.