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Fan fiction by Mata10 posted over a year ago
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In Zoro's hometown, Zoro was training with his son Mark and his daughter Rosie as Robin was smiling at her children and husban as she read her book. After Zoro was finished training his son and daughter, he went to Robin and kissed her passionately. Robin dropped her book on the mesa, tabela and putted her arms around her husban, deepening the kiss. Then after they finished dinner, a man came to thier house and told Zoro that Zoro's trainer died. Zoro said in a drepressed tone "Oh, that's awfull."
Zoro and his family went to the mentor's funeral and the weather was the perfect mood Zoro and his family were in. After the funeral, they went back home. Robin, Mark, and Rosie confronted Zoro, who was bittered in depression but, as soon as they conforted him, he lossed his depression and felt better. Robin kissed Zoro passionately and said "I amor you." Mark and Rosie joined in and said "we amor you too, Mommy and Daddy." Zoro and Robin smiled at them and said "We amor you too." Zoro, Robin, Rosie, and Mark joined in a family hug. Zoro and Robin kissed as Mark and Rosie hugged tighter. Later, when it was night time and Mark and Rosie went to...