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o-o ok sabrina ur DRAMATIC O_O that story u rote was weird O_O y doest this thing tell me to right somthing longer its annoying imma try again O_O aggghhh *Please write a longer artigo or consider posting to the fourm* -.- *keeps calm* imma try once agian. WHATTTT!!!!!!! seriously?!?!?!?! o-o *gets ready to soco screen O_O* *breaths* ok once mais i think it worked what!???!!?!?!?! O_O AGAIN! NONONONOONONONONONONo forget it O_O ONCE mais I HOPE IT WORKS -=- =.= <---- Gaga Glasses :D RA GAGA ooh LALA I WANT UR BAD ROMANCE O_O =.= RAGA OOH LALA I WANT UR BAD ROMANCE!
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oi GUYS!!!!!! I'm really excited of making this story myself i hope guys like it :)
My name is Zoey , many penguins fear me because technically I'm a leopard foca, selo but I'm a strict fishitarion why would I eat pinguim anyway? i have alot of friends that are penguins some of them are not penguins but still i am friends with everyone. My sister and I are orphans because..........of our parents it all started back at Anartica our village was invaded por orcas my family and I have to hide away from the ocean but 1 dia they found us i can remember those...
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