zac efron The Link Between Your música Taste And Your Personality

jkey posted on Apr 22, 2009 at 12:32AM
So basically this is my science project for school

I'm researching as the title states, the link between your music taste and your personality!
And what better place to promote my survey than here?

I need a wide range of people with different music obviously if you're into rock, dance, pop or even metal, please go for it

I'm hoping to get a lot of results back, so if you have any free time, please help out - it'd be very much appreciated (because I'm doing this very last minute)
*its due in like two weeks

Here's the facebook group:

and here's the link directly to the survey:­pvj­9AW­pOA­l1A­_3d­_3d

Thanks in advance to anyone that participated or took the time to read this thread :)

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