zac efron Competition - Meet Zac at the 17 Again UK premiere!

zaccomp posted on Mar 09, 2009 at 03:16PM
Hey there,

I’m part of the team who works on a great entertainment show on Bebo called b-box.

This week the presenters Alice and James are launching an exclusive Zac Efron competition to celebrate his new movie 17 Again. The prize is something money can’t buy, with the winner getting tickets to the premiere and also the chance to meet Mr Efron himself!

To find out all about the competition just tune in this week’s episode which will go live this Thursday afternoon link.

Thanks :)

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over a year ago sophiaLovesZac said…
Omg , im the first person
Zac efron ?
Im crazy on him
im not even lying , if i got to go to that premiere with him , it would make my life worth living , Can you let me know if its a competition that you answer a question or you just pick at random
because i realy want to take this chance to meet my idol ! , Please E-mail me at Thankyou And i hope i win this one in a life time experience ,
over a year ago dides said…
hey, i'm CRAZY bout Zac Efron 2. i luuuuuuv him, he's soooo hot dude, i could like hang out with hom 24/7 and NEVER get bored. he rocks!!!!!