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 Blue Eyes White Dragon
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blue eyes and white
arte dos fãs
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Sometime between the thing that happened in the last chapter, (kl is lazy :P) Pharoah made Yusei and all of Neo Domino City and the Satilite. Also, big woot, The people from GX (KL: *cough*).


Yusei: *rides down the rua on his duel runner and arrives at Martha's house*

Jack: Yusei? You're back already?

Yusei: Jack--*Jack interupts*

Jack: What is it Yusei?

Yusei: Jack--*jack interupts again*

Jack: Yusei!

yusei: I have come-- (again)

Jack: What?

Yusei: *rolls eyes* Could ya let me finish Jack? >.>

Jack: ok

Yesei: I have come to delever two messages. The first one is : Card Games on Motorcycles...
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 The "Happy go lucky" one..
The "Happy go lucky" one..
(At the game shop)
Yugi got all his stuff together the seguinte dia to mover into his new house. He packed all his clothes, shoes, everything he held dear,and near. He then went down for breackfast with his family for the last time. He new he woulod be back there anyway, but he wanted to sit,and talk with his grandfather,and brother once mais before leaveing. But to his suprise Yami wasn't there.....

(In the park with Yami,and Tea.)
"Tea," Yami said looking deep into Tea's eyes makeing her blush on thier walk. "Y-Yes Yami?" As soon as chá said 'Yes Yami' he got down on one knee. chá gasp,and let...
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