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RavenclawQueen posted on Jan 26, 2011 at 08:00PM
What are your favorite Young Justice quotes? Who are they said by? (Try to include the episode if you can!) :D
Only include quotes from episodes that have aired, so there is no spoiling.

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over a year ago rachele_X said…
Robin: "Why are there bialyans in *checks map* bialya?" (I forget which episode…9 maybe?)
*everyone kisses* Red Tornado: I will NEVER understand human customs (ep. 26)
Wally: "thanks, my head hadn't noticed." (one of the earlier episodes I think)
Robin: "well get traught or get dead!" (ep. 12)
thats all I can think of.
over a year ago Inevasayneva002 said…
0) Artemis: My dad probably wants me to kill you.
0 1/2)Artemis: Will you quit touching your self
1)Robin: Cause I don't want, my best bud juding my objectivity:
KF: Dude, that's what best buds do.
2)Kf:Making a Bolona, like what you just made.
3)Robin:Come on, one of these books is an exit switch.
Artemis: Cliché much.
Robin: You should see the Batcave.
4)Robin: SB your flying
5)Aqualad: Did we seem that shallow.
6)Robin: I knew. What I'm a detective.
7)Robin: Even ones you don't even, seriously Heatvision?
8)Hahaha, caught you red handed.
9)Finally a quote Robin will soon say:"Jaeda will you marry me."
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over a year ago Inevasayneva002 said…
Also this qoute gives me goosebumps
Batman:"Sixteen, hours. What did we do?"
Robin: Definantly not feeling the aster.
Robin: Wait, that's my school.
This is from a movie not the show but it seems like something funny Robin would say in the show.
Robin:Holey rusted metal, Batman.
Batman: What.
Robin: The ground. Its made of rusty metal and full of holes.
over a year ago goodyb0y55 said…
Fave two
1) KF: I should have done this a long time ago
Artemis: Yeah, ya should have
2) Robin: There's nothing like
Robin 2: An army
Robin3: Of me.
Best of all quotes. Who doesn't want to see an army of Robins.
over a year ago AprilHare said…
Season 2 Episode 1:
Dick:(To Tim) Way to get you feet wet!
over a year ago Roselillyan14 said…
I love Nightwing.
M'gan: Target captured.
Unknown: Good work team come on home, Nightwing out.
Episode 1 season two.
over a year ago Black_Robin_13 said…
Nightwing: just don't die, okay?

Happy New Year
over a year ago MysticSpeed1234 said…
Forget the hunger, forget the freezing temp., forget the windchill! Just go GO!
-Kid Flash, episode 20, Coldhearted(my favorite episode of season 1)
over a year ago ShadowYJ said…
I like it when Batgirl says ' Queen Bee isn't the only woman who can mess with a man's mind'
It was hilarious! (I believe it was said at S02EP5)
over a year ago DiamondYJ said…
Robin: You're overwhelmed, Freeze was underwhelmed... why isn't anybody ever just whelmed? *enters Justice League Hall and see gold statues* Oh. Maybe that's why.

Haha I love Robin and his "whelmedness".
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over a year ago batgirl910 said…
1. = Nightwing : ''Dude! way to get your feet wet!'' + ''Just don't die ok''
2. = Batgirl: '' Queen bee isn't the only one who can mess with a man's mind''
3. = Miss M : '' Hello Megan!!''
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over a year ago Full-blood said…
Had to post this one
Aqualad "Stop it"
KF and Artemis "WHAT?"
Aqualad "I can hear you glaring"
over a year ago Black_Robin_13 said…
Blue Beetle: But Garrett still inspired Ted to become the second Blue Beetle. Even with no super powers.
Robin: I hear those are optional.
over a year ago perryfan56 said…
Robin:your overwhelmed, Freeze was underwhelmed, why isnt anyone ever just whelmed. Also Robin:I hacked the motion sensors. And a lot more quotes from Robin and Kid Flash
over a year ago brown-eyed-girl said…
Endgame Wally &Barry.
Wally: Its no good Barry. ugh. Artemis is so gonna kill me for this. And don't get me started on mum and dad.
Barry: Kid?
Wally: Just tell them. Okay?
Barry: KID!
over a year ago mariasducks said…
(Zatanna uses a spell to make seven more Wallys while she nurses him)

Zatanna: I-I-I use a scaled down version when I wanna sneak out of the house!
*Awkward grin and silence*

I believe this is from "Humanity".
over a year ago jayjayhalenburg said…
I cant get out of my head that quote by kaldur ``Ì think that was pretty ruthless, father. I hope it made you proud``. Oh my gosh that cracked me up and his facial expression was so hardcore. Love it
over a year ago robinisthebest1 said…
Robin:If this the opposite of like. then isnt the opposite of dissaster aster? episode