There was always something going on at the mountain. Most of it was trouble. But that's why I still hadn't moved in. I liked my little home. It was a short fly from the mountain and hidden. No one would find it without my help. But even then I could always feel something going on. I had been trained por demons when I became a Fallen angel the first time. Despite the fact that I was a hero, my training was still fresh in my mind. It was hard to push it away. So I could detect an infiltration in the mountain. That's why we were starting crumble. People were taking sides, others were leaving, and then there was mais of us than there should have been. I was tempted to let batman know. But why alarm them? I may be Robin's sister, but I didn't have a good relationship with his adoptive father. We were too different. And then some. Well I wasn't telling anyone on the team. So the secret was mine to keep. And here was another thing. I had noticed Becca skipping off at strange hours.
Something was going on. And despite myself, I began thinking it was her. Yet I knew that wasn't true. So I looked at everyone else. The only other person it could be was me. I wouldn't anything on purpose and neither would Becca. If we were under a spell, por who? And why? My immediate answer was Teague. But what would he want with Becca? He'd always tell me that I was the only thing he wanted. That I was his “toy.” The very thought of it scared me to death. I had always hid from my fears until it was too late to change it. What if it was happening again? I had to shake this thought out of my head. There was no infiltration. No mole. I was being paranoid, waiting for the bad to happen. I had to look at the good. I moved to a cabinet in my house, taking out a mix of herbs. This would help me relax. I shut myself in my little cabin, drinking the herbal mix in water and just meditating.
Which turned out be not so good. What I saw was frightening. I usually don't get visions, but this time I did. In my vision, it was dark. I flew over the dark abyss, heading towards my segundo home. A red clawed hand reached out of the abyss, ripping the colar Fang had given me from my neck. Somehow, my wings had been taken too and I was falling. I heard shouts and the sound of a gun before seeing a demonic red face, smiling evilly at me. And that was the end of it. It was horrible to me. It could mean anything, but I had a feeling it meant more. The glass I had my drink in fell to the floor and I was unable to move. Something was going to happen. And it would happen soon. Somehow, I had a feeling I was involved and that everything was my fault.