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posted by Roselillyan14
First dia of School

The school sino rang signaling the beginning of the first period. Kids rushing past to get to class so as not to be tardy. Thru all this hustle no one noticed the wondering lost girl in the hallways. 14-year-old Rebecca was born in a very small town on the coast of Australia, before her folks started moving around everywhere.
It was a family of 4(herself, her mom, her dad, and her big brother Andy) that was always happy despite the constant job transfers of they’re dad. It was the typical happy family that you would imagine from those stories and fantasy’s, but as always nothing could ever stay that way. It was rare for a family to have that quality for even a small amount of time. But to have it for a full 9 years was record. So for that nine years Rebecca’s life was almost perfect, but after that nine ano mark things got hard for Rebecca and her family.
Before Rebecca reached the age of 9 and a half her parents where fighting and in separate beds, then separate rooms and finally separate houses. At the age of ten she couldn’t figure it out why her parents had dividido, dividir up but she never did bother asking. Thru the seguinte few years she and Andy had to depend on each other when things got really tough. It was really hard going back and forth between the houses, moms, dads, moms, dads, over and over again. Will this ever end she would think, can it get any worse? No she thought, it won’t and can’t get any worse that having your perfect family torn apart. But she was wrong. It could get worse and it did. Things fell apart even mais when her mom told her that she was moving to Alaska because she got a promotion on her job. Then if that wasn’t enough her mom casually added that her and dad where getting a diverse as well. What!? Shouted Rebecca at the topo, início of her lungs with eyes wide. This can’t be happening, it’s all a bad dream that I will wake up from and everything will be back to normal. But it wasn’t a dream, everything was real and falling apart. After the divorce she and her mom left for Alaska with only the niceties’. You can get new things there! Her mom has said with a smile while packing and off they went to Alaska. Her mom got custody of her but her dad got Andy which came as a shock to Rebecca. Don’t worry Beck, he had said while she watched him pack. , we going to have to cut off all communication or anything. I’ll come and visit you and mom and we can call and text and e-mail. Well they did do all that but it wasn’t as it used to be. No, not at all.
She had been in Alaska for four years now. Even though she still had to transfer schools often cause of her moms job. This was the segundo school this ano that she transferred to. Of course she was used to it por now, she was used to being the outcast, the loner/loser, and oh how she was used to it. As usual that morning she walked in that morning completely confused on where to go. No one even bothered to stop and ask if she needed help or if she was new there. But like I said she was used to it.
Excuse me, someone said behind her making her jump. , are you Rebecca? A…yeah. That’s me. She said trying to collect herself. Oh wow they weren’t kidding when they said you would look younger. Commented the girl almost mais to herself that to Rebecca. Well hi I am your início room teacher Miss Alice, welcome to Gotham acadamy. She said offering a hand to Rebecca. Taking the hand Rebecca studied the woman. She was younger than most teachers, pretty and looked kind. Um…..thanks. I am not quite sure what to do now……so……don’t suppose you would know where I need to go first? Said Rebecca with a bit of uncertainty in her voice. Sure, now let’s see if we can’t get you settled in a bit now. Said Miss Alice looking around. She started to walk tword a door that read Principal Mackey in bold black letters. Well, Rebecca thought to herself silently, this one is new. She began thinking of all the odd names that a bunch of her other school principals had. Walking in, a fairly large man stood welcoming them into the office. Good day, Alice. He said greeting the young teacher. Hello principal Mackey. The teacher said with a nod and a smile. Now……what do we have here? He said examining Rebecca closely. This is Rebecca, and she is a bit lost. Said Miss Alice to the principal. Ah, hello Rebecca. We weren’t sure if you would make it this morning since your mother called and said you where a bit sick. Are you still sick? He said looking down at here expectedly. No. she replied flatly. Ok good to know. He said, his smile returning. Well best head to your fist class. He said.
An hora later, Rebecca was in her assento in class. Everyone was so set on what they needed to do that Rebecca felt out of place. Her mind drifted a bit to her house where her book laid open and ready to be continued with full attention that she usually gave to it. Brinnnnnnnnnnnngggggggg!!!! Rang the bell. Oh no! she thought. I didn’t take notes. The moment the thought hit her head someone handed her a note book. She looked up startled a bit to see a young boy. He was about her age, shorter than most at the school but still taller than her, and with this very dark colored hair.” During class you looked distracted.” He said smiling. Figured you’d need these. A…thanks. Was all she could think of to say? I’m Dick. What about you? He asked looking at her knowingly. What? Oh, Rebecca. I’m a transfer. She said smiling nervously. Yeah kind of figured. The sass kicked in about then. Yeah and what’s that supposed to mean? She said putting her hands on her hips and glaring at him. Nothing, it…you……you looked new that’s all. He said putting up his hands defensibly. Sorry, habit to snap at people. She said taking her hands off her hips retreated. It’s okay. Enjoy the notes. He said turning to leave. And the first kid that talks to me I scare off. How normal! She said to herself. You didn’t scare him. Someone seguinte to her said. Rebecca looked in the direction of the voice to see a girl with red hair standing about a half a foot away. Hi I’m Barbra. She said smiling. Hi. Said Rebecca smiling back. You didn’t scare him either, not a whole lot scares dick. Eccept very large snakes. She said laghing. Ok….. Said Rebecca smiling oddly. Well I’d better get to my seguinte class. She said smiling. Ok see you around. Said Barbra as she left. Wow two people talked to me in the same day. That’s odd. Ooh well might as well not get used to it. seguinte class was math. She looked around to see that many of the kids had looks of fright on their faces as the math teacher got ready for the coming math test. Only a few kids didn’t look fright stricken, a small group por a escrivaninha, mesa hanging out and talking. The kid who lent Rebecca his notes was with them. When he looked over and spotted her he waved her over. Shyly she quietly approached them. Hey, it was Rebecca right? He said once she came over. Yeah, that'd be me. She said nodding. Well Rebecca, this is Jan Amy Elton and jack. He said introducing each of the kids around him. Hi. Rebecca said shyly. This is ceia weird she kept thinking. So you gota a assento yet? Asked dick. No fraid not. Said Rebecca getting mais and mais weirded out por the second. “Fraid” said the girl named Jan. what adorable language. Right there Rebecca had to take every ounce of self control not to narrow her eyes, ice her to the floor, and diss the girl to her face. Even though she was concealing the defense, dick still was able to detect that that didn’t settle very well with her. Come on Jan. don’t be a jerk. Some people like that type of talking. Just like Elton does when he puts his camisa on backwards and inside out. Said dick keeping a straight face but knowing that that would get a comment. Rebecca felt the offence decrease as she began to crack up. Dude! Said Elton looking at dick with an annoyed look. Well anyhow I got an extra assento here. Said dick pointing to the escrivaninha, mesa seguinte to him. Rebecca began to think fast. Oh man! She thought. Sitting seguinte to him accepting notes from him, having invites from him. The first thing she thought was to decline. But something told her to take it. So she did. Yeah thanks a lot she said setting her books down at the desk. As she sat down her note book fell out of her backpack opening as it did. Wow! Said dick as he saw the detail of her notes and the flashes of numbers before she snatched it up again. That was some amazing notes. He said. He had mais to say but the emrassment showed inn her eyes. Oh crud she thought! I can’t have it flying around that I am a major math geek. I’d rather transfer again! Before she could say anything, she saw dick, Jan, Elton, and jack all whispering. Alright class! Said the teacher clapping his hands. We are going to begin our math test. Please keep your eyes on your own work and no speaking to anybody beside you. The teacher began walking around the room. He paused at the front of two giggly girls desks. And there will be NO PASSING NOTES aloud. Is that clear?! Yes sir they managed thru the giggles. He began walking again calling out the remainder of the rules and instructions. He stopped at Rebecca’s desk. And I hope you do well. Not many survive a math test on their first day. He said looking a little frightening. She just nodded. She the felt a hand on her shoulder, it was Amy behind her giving her a smile and an encouraging nod. After the test was passed out than a tense silence came over the room as they all struggled with theyre answers. But Rebecca raced thru the test, she ended up having to reread it over and over again until the others where done. She let her gaze wonder freely settling on dick, silently doing his work. She found herself looking for awhile till he suddenly looked up, right at her. Her head shot down and almost gave her whiplash and a head ach from almost hitting her head on her desk. When they all were finished Rebecca let out a long sigh and slunk down in her chair, avoiding the looks from dick like the plague. The teacher stopped at every mesa, tabela checking each test while a worried student sat beneth him shaking in fear. The teacher was astonished when he looked at Rebecca’s test.3 segundos of astonishment then 2 for dignity regainment. Well miss Rebecca it appears that you where able to survive this round. Well done, he said turning his back to her. When the school dia ended Rebecca tried to get out of the place as fast as she could. But on her was out she acedently froze the ground beneth her causeing her to fall into someone’s arms. The catcher helped her to her feet while she tried to collect herself only to have herself go into shock when she saw it was dick that had caught her. Oh crud! She thought, where did he come from? Um sorry she said blushing. No problem. She then bent down and tried to collect herself and her books lying at his feet. Oh cruuuuuuuuuuud! She thought again as she saw ice climb up his shoose. She avoided looking up as she put her hands on his shoes to melt it. Mabey he wont notice she thought. But once she got all her books she could tell he noticed as he smiled oddly at her. She then nodded cowardly and ran hightailing it to her house. Little did she realize that the ice whent further that his shoes. All dick could think was cold and did she do that? She said bye to his friends and got into the limo to go back to the mansion. Wow, does the league know about her. He thought to himself smiling almost.
posted by killer24



abilities:can blend into shadows,expert marksman,good singer,when sings or plays violão, guitarra it can heal,inspire,energise and more

weapons:two hand guns,guitar that has a rifle built into it,cloak witch can blend in to shadows

personality:shady,dark,funny,shy,sad,cares little for bats but will help the team,shoots first asks perguntas later,wants vengeance

looks:unknown(may tell in background)

story:dad is vigilante but he died por the hands of a monster when shadow finds the killer he will make him pay.
can play a violão, guitarra but plays mostly when sad.when he plays it the violão, guitarra will heal,inspire,energise and more.
his dad died to protect him but before he died he taught him a few songs.
cadmus wanted him to cadastrar-se there army but he said no so thay kidnapped him and tortured him when the speedster,the boy wonder and The Atlantean came and took the super boy as thay called him the security failed so he escaped
posted by InfinityYJ
"So how do we play this out?" Phoebe asked.
The girls, Artemis, Lucas and Charm were standing in front of a small wooden hut, that was wrapped in thick, green vines. Robin was surveying the door and Fin was standing por him. Despite it's small, story book appearance, the security systems were over the topo, início and crazily impossible to hack. Delta had even helped triple hack. Everyone had tried to open the door, but to no avail.
"What does this Kaylee even do?" Charm muttered to himself, folding his arms across his chest.
"She's my clone. Problem?" Fin turned to the older boy, a familiar smirk spreading...
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posted by Obscurity98
Harley stood there knees bent, Black hair covering half of her face, breathing hard, and eyes wide. She shuddered, she knew she had to die soon, her mind, almost as if it was another person entirely, was telling her so. Black Canary speed over,"Harley? Are you okay?" Harley didnt even blink. She was frozen. Roy tried stepping to her, but when he did she reacted, she beared her teeth, and her eyes flames up. Wally stepped infront of ROy's path,"Liek you think you're gonna pass?" Roy looked down at his old friend. The team truely loved her, like family, and ROy felt ashamed.
Black Canary shook...
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posted by Robin_Love
“Coming Willow.”
Becca opened the door to her apartment, ushering Willow in.
“You want a drink? Food?”
“Always a hostess. No thanks.”
Becca nodded, shutting the door and locking it. She turned to her sister.
“What can I do for you?”
“...I'm feeling nervous. Talk me back into this plan of yours.”
Becca smiled, joining her sister on the small amor seat. She put her head on Willow's lap, bending her knees so her feet were on the seat.
“Willow, you're getting into that vestido whether I force you in or not. We're testing Wally's amor for you. I have a feeling it'll go beyond...
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posted by Robin_Love
“I hate this!” Becca muttered, resisting the urge to pull her hand out of Sam's.
“Hey this is no picnic for my either! Partners I can understand. But a fake couple? Bats is messed up!”
“Ugh. Just focus so we can get this over with! Oh and I won't tell azevinho, holly so you better not tell Robin!”
“Trust me. This won't get out to anyone!”
Becca rolled her eyes. She'd decided to wear her sunglasses so no one would see the glares she was sending Sam in her furious brown eyes.
“Of all the jobs I've ever done, this is the worst!”
“Shut up, Sam!”
“Well excuse me!”
“No! Shut up! That's...
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posted by Mclovin_69
" The only logical place Nabuu would go would be the tower of fate " Andrew said showing the map on the screen. " Well then what are we waiting for! lets go! " Becca said, " well remember it wont be that simple.. remember our last visit..." Connor said. Everyone looked at eachother then they all turned to Wally, he took a key out of his pocket looking at it, " a test of fate....." Wally muttered looking at the key in his finger tips. Becca turned to the others " I know this is what we need to do... please..." Becca said, " i agree.... lets go " Kaldur said.

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posted by Obscurity98
I watch you stand,
You enjoy,
You spinn my head,
I know your name, Roy.

You cant hide,
I will find you,
A guy like you, should wear a warning.

I can see you now,
I can see you there,
Watching me,
But maybe, i dont care.

Your red hair,
Your eyes i can watch,
You amor me,
Kick it up a notch?

Babe you cant have me,
I like to play hard to get,
You cant catch me,
I'll take my chance, its a bet.

I slip through you fingers everytime,
I kiss your lips,
I run through your hair,
With my finger tips.

And as my tohuge touched you,
I stood on the ledge, and fell back,
You try to catch,
But i slipp through.

Your face is stone cold,
But i know your mourning,
A guy like you,
Should wear a warning.
posted by Mclovin_69
 batman glared at her " im sory Willow but Liza cant work on this team unless you are gone... so you have to pack your stuff andand go.." batman said
Batman glared at her " im sory Willow but Liza cant work on this team unless you are gone... so you have to pack your stuff andand go.." Batman said
batman called in Willow for a private conversation, Willow was scared why did batman want to see her, batman glared at her " im sory Willow but Liza cant work on this team unless you are gone... so you have to pack your stuff and go.." batman said, tears formed into Willows eyes as shock was in them too, " im sorry" Flash said touching her shoulder, " where will i go..." Willow asked, " weve called back your adoptive father he can take care of you" batman said, " no please dont let him take me!" Willow screamed with fear in her tone, Black Canary came up and looked at her with sadness in her...
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posted by Mclovin_69
The cave wasnt the same, Wally and Robin were depressed, down, they werent atuação like them usual selfs, always mocking eachother and making jokes. One thing scared Artemis most, Wally wasnt fighting with her, mocking her, nothing. And another thing that scared the others was Robin not talking, neither of the boys came out of their rooms.


Wally sat in his room on his bed, laying down and looking at his celing, he remembered Willows beautiful dark brown eyes, the way he moved her bagns out of her face to reveal such beauty, it had been weeks since...
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posted by Robin_Love
“I'm bored!” Wally exclaimed.
“So find someone else to bug!” Artemis replied, turning back to her book.
“I can't.”
“And why the heck not?!”
“Because Kaldur went with Aquaman, Superboy and Megan are who knows where and Robin didn't come today. You're the only one here!”
“Well stop bugging me! I have homework. Besides, don't you have some denunciar batman gave you for snooping around his house or something?”
“Oh yeah.”
Recognized: Robin B01
A grin spread across his face.
“Too late. Rob's back!”
Wally sped off and tackled his best friend as he stepped through the kitchen/living...
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posted by Robin_Love
“How'd you know?” Robin asked as he helped Becca settle into her room at the mountain.
“About you being Robin?”
He nodded, hanging one of few pictures Becca had to the wall. She laughed a little and he moved to sit on the floor beside her.
“Please. Any good detective would have realized it, which proves I'm the only good one. Robin showed up at Batman's side not very long after Dick Grayson was adopted por Bruce Wayne. Robin is a skilled ginasta and fighter. So was Dick Grayson. Robin can hack through any computer and is always on his toes. So was Dick Grayson. Robin was always able...
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It`s raining?I got up from the ebd to get ready I heard low foot steps and grabbed my shiruken and put them on his chest amimng for severe wonds.
It was Robin? I sighed
Okay you`ve officialy scared me for the day,
what`s up?
"Why does something have to be up for me to enter your room.?"
Good point,I handed Robin my shiruken and started looking for my dress and my shoes.
What ever you do don`t touch the-
Nice,here I took some bandeges out of my secret stash and put my saliva on his hand and wrapped it.
There now quit playing with it its poisened.
Play with tetsaiga or tensaiga,but leave that...
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