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2023,Central City

He sat there dazing out at the bunch of teenagers that were chattering and laughing at one of the grey haired boys who had sorvete covered all over his mouth in an attempt to finish it in one gulp. "Where did those days go..."He asked himself a smile spreading across his face. "Hey Walman." a small figure slid beside him making him jump. "Dude!" he smiled as he slapped his friend on his back,"Long time no see Rob!" "Hey wheres Artemis and the others?" Robin asked scanning around the area insight of an other familiar faces. "There they are." Wally waved at the group who was walking over, each of them had an sorvete in hand, only Artemis had two in hers. "Here Flasher. Your ice-cream." Artemis said giving him a peck on his cheek. "Get a room!" Robin laughed making room for Artemis and her bulging stomach. "Hows the baby Artemis?" Megan and Zantanna asked in unison staring in fascination at her huge stomach. "Great, would you both like to feel it?" their eyes lit up as they placed their hands gently on her stomach, suddenly Megan squealed with delight. "I felt a kick! I felt a kick! Corner! I felt a kick!" Corner placed a hand on her shoulder and smiled. "Congratulations Wally, you're going to be a dad. I send you my best regards." "Aw, shucks Kaldur."Wally beamed at Aqualad. suddenly an explosion rang through the're ears. They looked towards the direction and saw a giant robot theorizing the city. "I guess jantar would have to be later."Artemis said, standing up."Oh no you don't..."Wally quickly pushed her down, Artemis glared at him and pushed him aside,"I'm just pregnant, not like a little bit of action will kill the baby and me." Artemis stomped away, the team did not trying to stop her, they knew trying to stop her would be of no use. "Well, lets go. Robin, you lead." Aqualad motioned towards Robin. Robin smiled but his eyes were lit up underneath his shades. They ran towards the city ready to take on the enemy.

2012,Mt Justice
"Hey Kid-Jerk! Did it ever come to your head that maybe the panquecas on the mesa, tabela was mean't to be SHARED with everyone?" Artemis glared at Wally her hands placed on her hips. Wally casually continued to eat the panquecas ignoring Artemis as his eyes were glued to the television. She stomped over and hit the off button on the remote. "Hey! I wasm waching thah!"Wally said through mouth full of pancakes. "You know Wally, one dia when you grow up you will probably be broke and living in the streets! Thank goodness Megan's always there to stock up the comida or else we would probably have nothing to eat!" Wally rolled his eyes as he replied,"Oh please, like I'm the one who will be broke, you will probably ended up in the deposito de lixo, lixeira begging me for a place to stay." "Excuse me! And why is that?" Wally opened his mouth and shut it again. Maybe he should have said something else. "W-well, thats because you're a replacement..." Wow, that completely sucked. They both thought in their heads. "Oh Yeah? Well-" "Will you guys quit it! Did you guys not here that batman told us to denunciar to the mission room?" Robin who had been there the whole time snapped at them after hearing enough of their bickering.

batman was on the screen, behind him loud cries could be heard. "Team, there's a reporting of people turning into toddlers all around the world, when we arrived there to each scene the mysterious man disappeared. He goes por the name Time-Lock. We need you to catch him and destroy whatever that allows him to turn people into toddlers. His seguinte location would be in Central City Museum. Go now." Artemis wacked him on Wally on his head upon hearing their mission. They quickly left on Megan's bio ship.

"Ah... exactly what I was looking for...The time machine." Time-Lock held out the small grand-father clock in front of him. Suddenly an Arqueiro hit his arm causing him to drop in on the floor. The team enclosed around him, he retrieved the clock and held it to his chest. "Ah...I see the Justice League sent a bunch of bebês to stop me? Ha!" "Don't procrastinate. Give us the clock and change everyone back." Time-Lock grinned as he threw the clock on the floor shattering it to pieces. "Try to stop me" He said evilly as he placed the face of the clock into his arm piece. He shot a vortex into the air and jumped in,"Sorry kiddos! But time waits for no one!"Zantanna ran ahead and jumped into the vortex. The team quickly ran after her as it closed shut. Zantanna had caught up with Time-Lock and was gripping onto his arm piece."Let go you brat!" He hissed. "dimittere et mitterent!" the arm piece came of him but a piece came off it as she pulled it. "NO!" He screamed as they were reaching an exit.

2015,Gotham Hospital
"How is she?" Artemis asked as she burst through the hospital doors. Roy sat on the chair in silence, he looked down at the floor, everything was a blur to him, like a dream. "How is Cheshire? Answer me!"she snapped at him. "Whoa...chill Arty. I'm sure she's fine." Wally quickly stopped her before she started to piss Roy off. "How would you know Wally? You don't have a sister who is in labor!" she shouted back at him. She sat down on to the chair away from Roy. "Artemis-""Just leave me alone..." Artemis cut off Megan as she turned her head away. Robin nodded towards Megan and they left them in silence. Suddenly a loud buzzing was heard outside the hospital. The doors automatically opened up and Zantanna rolled in, followed por the team. Artemis looked up in shock, they were never this persistent they usually understood what she meant por leaving her alone. " head...Hey I got the arm piece!" Zantanna jumped up, looking at the arm piece, but Artemis shocked face caught her attention. "Where are we-" Robin followed Zantanna's gaze towards the older Roy and Artemis who was still looking at them puzzled. "Whoa,Arty, there's two of you! I think I'm going to be sick."Wally joked with Artemis but received a whack at the back of his head. Robin checked his screen on his watch,"We're in ano 2018...I think the arm piece allowed us to time travel here." The future Artemis was still looking at the younger version of the team before future Roy interrupted her thought."Who are you? obviously you're the team but why are you here?" Aqualad stepped in front explaining,"We were on our mission to find a man called Time-Lock and he created a vortex that sent us here." Artemis was staring at her older elf wondering why she looked like she had been crying. "and you are here because?" Wally asked to break the awkward silence between them. Roy looked down again unable to answer the question. "Because Cheshire is giving birth." the future Artemis answered. The whole team was in shock, especially Artemis whose eyes had grown five times bigger than their original size. "So...whose the father?" Robin asked this time, as Wally looked like he was about to die of awkwardness. "Me." The team directed their attention to Roy who was still looking down. Artemis felt herself screaming inside her head,Roy!Roy is the father of Cheshire's baby! H-How?The seguinte thing they knew there was another vortex right in front of them and out tumbled Time-lock, he glanced up at them and started to run, quickly the team gave chase including the future Artemis and Roy. Time-lock stopped and opened a vortex before jumping in. "How did he get another one?" Aqualad asked Robin in hope h knew what was happening. Robin didn't say anything and jumped into the closing vortex, the rest of the team followed after him except for the future Artemis and Roy. Artemis took one last glance at her future self, fearing that at some point she would have to be in her position.

2018,Central City Church
They fell through the vortex Robin doing his best to catch up with Time-lock but Time-lock had already went through the exit before he could catch him. Robin fell on to a soft red carpet, followed por the weight of the rest of the team. Soft música of "Here comes the bride" could be heard and the whole church was decorated with lilies. The team realized they were on they had just interrupted a wedding and that somehow, they were all in dresses and tuxedos. The people around them were staring at them as they hurriedly sat at the very last bench. "Looks like we have to get through this wedding before we find Time-lock. I'm sure his in here somewhere." Aqualad told them telepathically. "Hey look the bride is coming!"Zantanna thought excitedly, "Zantanna, we don't even know whoe wedding it is, why are you so excited/" Artemis asked Zantanna who was figiting in her seat. "Actually we do know whose wedding it is..." Robin said smugly looking at the groom who was dressed handsomely. He was shivering with excitement, his red hair standing up despite the amount of hair gel used to comb it back."WALLY!? No way! I had no idea you we're going to be a husband! So who is the unlucky woman?"Artemis joked loudly in her head containing herself to not laugh out loud. Wally blushed as he said in defense,"At least I will be married to someone,she's probably beautiful.""Or blind." Artemis thought as she covered her mouth to let out a snicker. Then the bride arrived, she walked down gracefully her long flowing dress following behind her. The bride's blonde hair was decorated with flores as her face was covered with a white veil. The team watched her as she approached her groom. Future Wally was grinning from ear to ear looking at his wife lovingly."I feel sick, can I bail this one out?"Artemis joked causing Wally to blush. "Who is Wally's future wife?"Megan asked. Nobody answered Megan as they watched with anticipation when the priest finally said,"You may kiss the bride." Wally crossed his fingers while Artemis was wishing it was an ugly bride, ignoring the fact that somewhere deep in her coração she was hoping it was her. Future Wally lifted the veil to reveal-well they couldn't see anything because someone stood up blocking their view. "Could you sit down?! I can't see the bride!" Artemis hissed loudly to the man who stood up, but he just smiled in her direction and slowly pulled out his gun, panic filled the air as the people slowly started to run leaving only the future Justice league(Which is their future selves) and the old Justice league(Which is 2012 justice league0. The team stood up but Wally was hiding. "What are you doing KidDumb?" Artemis shouted at Wally over the screams of people as the man pulled the trigger. "Have you never watched time machine movies? Were not suppose to meet your pas or future self, or something will happen!" Artemis rolled her eyes before shouting in his ear,"What kind of-Then tell me why am I still here besides meeting my future self just a few minutos ago?!" Wally suddenly realized and turned red. He quickly jumped up prepared to take down the mysterious man. The man quickly pointed his gun towards the bride and was about to pull the trigger when Wally quickly pushed him away but he had already pulled the trigger. They watched in horror as the bullet was going to hit her. The bride thinking fast dodged the bullet doing a back flip in her gown. The team went after the man the future them running towards him. The man quickly pushed away Wally and took out the arm piece and created another vortex."Time-lock, Should have known." Robin mumbled to himself as Time-lock jumped in. The rest of the team jumped in, Wally quickly got of the floor and as he jumped in he took a glance at his future. Then he saw his future bride. She looked beautiful even without makeup, her eyes were a beautiful shade of gray. Then a thought came to him, Artemis.
They continued to fall, each of them trying to chase Time-Lock. Then they finally exited through the vortex only to realize Time-lock had disappeared,again. "I swear when I get my hands o him I'm going to-""No time for that Superboy, look ahead." Aqualad pointed towards their older selves as adults running towards the city, apparently Artemis was limping towards them, Older Wally staying beside her, of course only Robin and Artemis had noticed but she had decided to keep quiet about it. The team decided to help out, hoping to find Time-Lock in the city. Wally followed still a dazed still pondering over his future bride.

Central City
"Arte-I mean Robin Maneuver 7!"Adult Aqualad called to Robin. Robin ran towards Aqualad who gave him a lift up into the air as he landed on the robot. The adult team tarted to attack the robot but with no such luck. When the team had finally caught up with them, most of them were already tired out. Future Robin was still trying to get into the robot as the rest of the team was doing their best to take down the robot. Immediately Aqualad thought fast,"Robin and Miss Martian you head up on the robot and help to hack into it. Artemis and Wally distract them from the front while Superboy and I hit him fro the back. Zantanna mover the people away from the area." Megan quickly carried Robin to where Future-(Forget it!)NIGHTWING was and started to help to hack. "Wha-"Nightwing stared at Robin puzzled. Robin plugged his cable into the robot and stared to hack away while Megan watched his back."Bingo." Robin searched through the robot information, NightWing was a tinge jealous on how a boy who was probably years younger than him could have hacked into the program. "Who are you kid?" Robin still facing his screen smiled and answered,"I'm you."

Artemis and Wally joined the two future Megan and Corner, Artemis shooting arrows while Wally running in circles around him mocking him and causing the robot to be in rage(Is that even possible?)Future Megan and Corner glanced at each other and shrugged their shoulders as they continued to fight the robot. Suddenly as Wally was fighting he saw the future Artemis trying to shooting arrows with her huge stomach, then the wedding image came back to him. "WALLY! WATCH OUT!"Artemis yelled at him but it was too late, the seguinte few moments happened so quickly. He saw himself banging into Artemis and the last thing he saw was her angry,yet beautiful gray eyes. "Watch where you're going Baywatch!"She pushed him off,"Whats wrong with you?" She continued to shoot arrows at the robot while Wally quickly recovered and started to run around it again.

Superboy and Aqualad waited till the right moment where finally they launched the attack, hitting the robot right in it back. It came crashing down right as Zantanna had cast a spell to teleport the child to a seguro area. The team gathered together and gave each other high fives as the future team went towards them. Future Aqualad scratched his head awkwardly,"Well..Thank you, Young Justice. We appreciated the help." The future team all thanked them except for future Wally who was looking at Wally still a bit shocked. Artemis could not help herself, she suddenly blurted out,"Whose baby is it?" Wally covered his mouth and started to laugh but Robin had helped Artemis to hit him at the back of his head. "Ha, at least I'm not going to be a mom." Wally joked at Artemis. "But you are going to become a dad." Future Wally had said. "Wait-sorry could you repeat that? I didn't hear what you said."Wally and Artemis said in unison. Future Wally just smiled and looked at Future Artemis who was also smiling. Just as Wally was about to insist that the future Wally tell him what he had just said, the Robot started to mover and Time-Lock emerged from the broken machine covered in Debris and dust. "Time-Lock!Obturatio movens pedes!" Time-Lock was about to opened a vortex but he couldn't mover his body. "What the-" Zantanna removed his arm piece and held the two arm pieces together, Slowly they merged into one. "Hello guys! I got the arm piece!" Zantanna hollered to the team who were distracted talking to themselves. Zantanna rolled her eyes as she set the vortex back to 2012. She opened it and cast a spell that dragged them to the vortex. "Hey! You didn't tell me what you had said!" Wally shouted at the future Wally as he was going into the vortex. They waved goodbye as they all disappeared into the purple depths of the time travelling vortex. The future team stood there for a moment letting the thought sink into their heads. Though the dust and debris covered the city as people started to come out of their hiding place, they felt a sudden feeling of ease or mais of happiness. Future Artemis looked up into the sky and smiled, but the smile suddenly turned into a frown as her eyes widen."I think my water just broke."

2012, Mt Justice
"Hey Kid-Jerk! Did it ever come to your head that maybe the panquecas on the mesa, tabela was for every-" Wally suddenly stopped her and gave her the pancakes. "Do you want some?" Artemis looked a bit shocked but after that accepted a pancake and sat down beside him casually, maybe a metre away before asking,"what show are you watching?" "Deja-Vu." "Cool." she answered, Ignoring the fact that deep down inside her coração something was telling her that this disgusting, flirty, annoying thing was the amor of her life.

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