*fangirl momment* okay this is the first part of the first episode of the fã fiction i was challenged to write por Robin_Love. i was challenged to write about wally's epic failness. sorry if its kinda short, but ENJOOOOY! oh and i apologive before hand for misspellings and grammer errors.
Beep Beep Beep Beep, the alarm clock said in its usual monotone voice. “UUGGGH”, Wally groaned as he desperately tried to find the snooze button, in which he gave up on finding it so he just unplugged it. Sighing he fell face first into his pillow. “WALLACE RUDOLPH WEST GET UP THIS INSTANT!” his mother screeched from the foot of his bed. “But MAA its Saturday AND summer vacation!” he protested from under his pillow. “And it’s also fourth of July, so get up OR ELSE” she finished before she yanked the blanket off him, plucked his travesseiro from over his head and opened the curtains. Tossing the travesseiro onto his cama she left. “IT’S MONDAY! IT’S MONDAY! IT’S MONDAY!” a cheerful voice sang as he jumped up and down on Wally as he lay in bed. “No its Saturday, stupid, and you completely ruined my day, you little termite” Wally said before he pulled his travesseiro out from under his little brother and hid his head under it. “MAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” Thomas cried as he fell off the cama and because his brother wasn’t being nice to him. “WALLACE!” his mother threatened from the bottom of the stairs. Wally, irritated with the outcome of his morning, told Thomas to beat it so he could get ready. Taking off his green striped pajamas, (and undergarments) his mother insisted he wore, (she insist he wears pajamas, the wearing of underwear is implied), he put his robe, veste, roupão on before he headed across the hall to the bathroom. Turning on the shower, he threw his robe, veste, roupão off and got into the shower. He shrieked (manlyishly) before muttering, “Freezing cold showers, my favorite.” Finishing his shower, he went back to his room to get ready. After putting on a pair of jeans, and a red button up camisa he headed downstairs for breakfast. “Good morning, son” his father said not even looking up from the morning paper. Wally said good morning dad, but it sounded mais like “gudorniad” because he had just shoved an entire pancake into his mouth. To avoid choking on the pancake he went to the fridge and retrieved the carton of laranja suco, suco de and began drinking. “Wallace I do not know HOW many times I've told you not to do that. You’re supposed to be setting a GOOD example for Thomas.” his mother scolded. Before the Wallace could protest, the doorbell rang. “I’ll get” Wally said tripping over the nonexistent cozinha rug then speeding towards the door. As he sped towards the door, he stumbled over his own feet and flew face first into the door. “SMACK” his face went, (don’t worry his face is still pretty-ish. Okay, I lied it looks better now, sort of). After recovering his accident, he opened to door. “Uncle Barry! Aunt Iris” the young speedster said as he over exaggerated a bow, welcoming them into the house. The usual good mornings and whatnot took a few minutes. Again Thomas’s cheerful rang out “UNCLE BERRY! n’ AUNTY IRRIS!” Thomas was scooped up por Barry and hugged por Iris. As this lovey-dovey hoopla continued over his brother, Wally had left to the cozinha to continue to stuff his face. A few minutos later, his mother was scolding him on eating ALL the pancakes, which wouldn’t have been a big deal if it was just them, but since he did it when they had guests, let’s just say that wasn’t his best move. When she was finished scolding, she sent Wally to go wash dishes. “Excuse me Mary, Rudy, may I have a word” Barry asked. “Of course” Mary responded all too cheerfully. Wally being the speedster we all know rushed through doing the dishes spraying soapy water all over the floor.
$@#In another room………#@$
“WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU WANT TO ‘BORROW’ WALLACE?” Mary whispered-yelled and Barry. She couldn’t believe that he wanted to take her precious Wallykinz away from her on holiday. Sure, he was family and Wallace had been doing this whole kid flash thing for about two years, but she still didn’t want Wally running around at ungodly hours, getting hurt, and missing out on family time. “But Mary, today IS the day” Barry said, placing his hand on her shoulder to comfort her. Sighing marry said “fine. But try to get him início at a somewhat reasonable hour.” “I’ll try my hardest” was the flash’s response. Wally who you knew was listing at the door sped over to the sink to pretend to wash dishes. “Come on Wally, let’s go go go! “His uncle called from the living room. Wally excited sped out of the cozinha only to slip on soapy water and land face first on the floor. Picking himself up he ran to cadastrar-se his uncle.
#$@Somewhere in Central City, Kentucky…………#$@
As the speedsters sped to their destination, the flash received a mission from the momentarily non-existent watchtower. Pulling his side kick por the arm, he quickly changed their course. “Hey where are we going? Today is THE day”, Wally asked as he got dragged along to Jewelry, where Captain Cold had just broken through the mural and was getting ready to make his getaway. Much to Wally’s dismay they spent about thirty minutos running in a círculo around the captain. Having enough of this nonsense, Wally snatched the freeze gun out of the ice villain hand, but not before receiving a blast on the shoulder from the gun. He had just moved out of the way when the flash planted a soco square on the villain’s face. Captain cold hit the ground with a thump. Kid Flash’s somewhat irrational act landed him a warning telling him to calm down. His response, “No NO way, today is the day!” “Well, then let’s go” the flash said before taking off in the direction of Washington D.C, with his sidekick right behind him.
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