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posted by Denelys
 Harly Quinn
Harly Quinn
Where am I?I looked around to see Junior Justice there watching me.
Iee!!!!!!Nan Dakoya?!?!
"Uhhh Im not jappanese soo Rob wanna take this one?"Kid Flash added.
Onee-chan where is she!'I keept looking but I did`nt find her round the room,I was tied to the bed.'
"Dove!come in here!!"Kid Flash added
She is awake??'I thought I told her to not get involved.'
"Onee-chan are you okay?"Dove came close and looked down on me.
Hai,I would kill you if you were`nt My beloved Onee-chan.
"Domo?Oh you mean what you told me,But they are such good people."
'She does`nt get it does she?'
Onee-chan we are leaving now!I roared at her I`ve never been so angry at her.
"Gomen nazai Onee-chan."
Iee,I should be the one apologizing Dove.I know its hard to relate here but we cannot stay here we have a mission and this will interupt us.
"Come on!!okay we have a proposal for you,beat our strongesst team member and we will leave you alone,don`t beat him and you will join."
Kid Flash said sneering.

We accept your proposal Kid Flash.Now who is your strongest team member?
Superboy got close:I am got a problem?
"N-No not at all."Dove was trembling in front of him,he is not so scary.
We will take you down got that?
"I`d amor to see you try."
We walked to the combat room and started fighting.
pomba Omega possition45D!
"Hai!!" We took out our wepons and aimed straight at him nothing will resist a sealing Arqueiro and a poisoned sai.
Iee!he dodged my attack and got pomba this fight won`t last much longer if shes down.
I aimed to his right arm and realesed the arrow.
Bulls eye!!!He let go of pomba and I ran toards him beating him down while doing a front flip landing on topo, início of him.
"Game over,we win Raven."
Hai.We better get going.I walked away to be stoped por Aqualad.
"We had a Deal we must leave now we won."
As pomba says,We won we are leaving.
"No our strongest member is all of us."
I put my hand behind my back and drew out a huge smoke pelet and escaped out of the mountain.

"Will we be seing them again?"
mais than you think.Just then Miss Martian Came in front of us as if to attack she was joined por Artemis.
"Please if you would just agree to reason with us we do not have to fight."
You all started this it was not us.
"Yes but litsen and try to-"I cut Miss Martian off,No!we have to go leave us alone!
We ran past them they did`nt follow us guess they got the message.

We we`re in Bludhaven only minutos away from Gotham.
"Im tired where are we going seguinte home?"
No,we will live here now Kikyo will not let us back .
"Then lets stay at a hotel or anywhere we need to rest to keep our strenght up."
Good your learning.We changed in an alley putting on normal american clothes I wore Glases and jeans with a white top.
Dusk wore a dress with red streaks.we walked to a hotel near us.
Hello,we wish to stay for the night.
"That`ll be 20 bucks here`s te key to your new room.Sleep tight."
Thank you,Good night.We walked to our new room 75A.
"It looks like our home!"
Dusk people are sleeping quiet and go get some rest.

When we got up in the morning a villan was on the news Harly Quinn.We left to Central city where she was.
"You all better surrender nows cause puddings not going down easy!"Harly yelled at the cops.
Sneek attack formation 45B.
"She would be too easy."
I was behind Harly aiming at her.
Games over harly surrender while you get the chance.
"Huh no it cant be puddings going to be mad get out of here Batsy is the only one who can fight me!"
Great that means Batmans coming or worse Junior Justice,But im not letting this stop me from taking Harly down.'
You got two options either you surrender and come quietly to arkaham or I fight you and you go the hard way.Chose whysly
"Raah!"Harly threw a laughing gas at the floor making it explode.
"Raven!!Shes getting away!"Dove yelled from the other side of the street.
Don`t let her get away I`ll be right behind you!.
I needed my mask it was especially made for withstanding any type of poisonus gasses or Miasma.I breathed in alot of gas before I had on my mask which made it hard to focus on shoting Harly,I took my sword Tetsusaiga The phantom sword which had been handed down to the Sonozakis for millenia.
I roared Windscar!!!
Making the streets crumble leaving destrution behind if you looked from above it looked like four claws had ripped in peaces the streets
of Central city,Harly did`nt get away.
"Good one Raven!But you breathed in alot of Gas you Yo ne?"
Yeah im fine just need fresh air,Harly I told you to chose whysly but you did`nt litsen.
"Im going to getcha and pudim to birdies!"
That was the last thing I heard from Harly before she was sent away to Arkaham.
"She getting a nice cold freezing room in arkaham.sweet sweet Karma."
Your Nailing down the hero humor.
"Really?Heros are always serious are`nt they?"
Some are and others just can`t shut up.I thought of Barry Allen the flash as I mentioned this.
I jumped from one building to another all the way to bluhaven which is a long jump from central city.
"I got an Idea Raven but you might not like it."
Hit me.
"How about joining the junior Justices team?"
Not now we still have some work todo.
Just then it was already nightfall I saw Red Arqueiro fighting some normal rua thugs one of them was going to knock him out for good.
I took my Arqueiro and aimed straight at the thug and pinned him to a wall.
"Thanks for helping me there,whats your name?"
Im Raven she is Dove.And your very welcome anytime.
"You need a ride?Im going to Bludhaven."
Really thanks we were heading there right now to rest up.
"Wow you guys are hard core from Central city to Bludhaven and wake up at anytime to save the world on foot now that is hard the Justice League has nothing on you."
I guess but we`re used to it.
"Raven I will be walking to Bludhaven you take the ride I need the fresh air."
pomba I can`t let you walk alone from here to Bludhaven are you insane without me around you can get killed you are`nt the quietest hero you know.'Dove pulled me to her and whispered in my ear.'
"I know you like this guy its obious and besides im faster than you if I need backup I`ll just scream out your name."
I do not have a crush on him,but still are`nt you tired?.
"hai im tired but you and him are so cute together."
Yo ne,Onee-chan Sayonara.After that pomba disapered into the night leaving me with Red Arrow.
"My bikes over here wanna wear my capacete you know for safty?."
Y-yeah sure.I put on the capacete and got on his bike.

"Where here.Welcome to Bludhaven."
Thank you.Dove was already there.
"See I told you I`d make it here alive not in a bodybag."
Come on your my sister if anything happened to you I don`t know what I`d do.
"Hey um Raven and pomba you guys hungry?"
I think I know where this is going I was already blushing.
A bit why do you ask?
"I was going to get a bite and wanted to know if you would like to come with me."
 "I was going to get a bite would you want to come with me?"
"I was going to get a bite would you want to come with me?"
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Hope u like this article! Please comment and tell me wat u think about it! ^.^

Me: oi kid flash! Thx for coming here today!
KF: plz call me Wally.
Me:ok. Wally, lots of crazy fangirls think u and Artemis are best couple in YJ but wat do u really think of her?
KF:my gosh! Fangirls fangirls fangirls! Always in every interview I've been hearing fangirls think me and arty are the perfect couple! Geez think about the fanguys! They think me and robs are best couple! It's freakin crazy! And me and arty, now way!
Me; but u kissed and it looked real. U sure your not together?
KF; babe, it's showbiz. Acting...
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posted by 66Dragons
Robin swore he was going to throw the two birds off the topo, início of the mountain. I mean, why did he always get stuck in the Cave alone with them?

For the tenth time in the same amount of time, Robin yelled ''Shut it!"

Which the two certainly ignored. 

Robin heard a crash and Wally blurred through the room, Artemis hot on his heels. 

''Come here you no good, rotten son of a-''

The last part of Artemis's insults were cut off por a swish and Wally cackling before blurring back into the room. 

''Wally!" Artemis's voice rang shrill and clear through the mountain. 

Wally cackled and zoomed back to where...
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posted by Robin_Love
 Becca-Shade Costume
Becca-Shade Costume
Name: Rebecca “Becca” Stevens (Now Stevenson)
Alias: Shade
Occupation: Vigilante; On and Off member
Powers: Teleportation, mystic arts, sorcery, magic, spells
Skills: Any and all martial arts,/combat/street-fighting, weaponry, potions, flexibility, stealth, technology, hacking
History: Becca Stevens has had a very confused and traumatic childhood. She is the youngest of seven royal children, a princess of Attalin. She grew up with the training of a warrior and the grooming of a princess. She was always told she was the “chosen” and was shunned away por her siblings; all but three. Even with...
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posted by Mclovin_69
He sat on the building, the one he had always lurked on when he was in for robbing, but it just didnt feel right to do it... not tonight, he felt like there was something more..... mais important to him, something he wanted to get off his chest.

" Terror! " he called walking up behind him, Terror turned around anger in eyes, " what do you want... " he muttered angrily. " To know why... " he said walking up to him crossing his arms, " why what? " Terror asked glaring...
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posted by Obscurity98
 this is ARGON!
this is ARGON!
OKay i am doing this ALL OCs page for mayself and anyone who may need it, (only YJ) Its cause i get confused, or i need to remember tiny details, that i just cant remember. Or who is who, or what WHo Does. So this is just a very help full chart for us and me, to keep me on track.


Title on início Planet:Tiger Emperess
Real name (From início Planet): Tanium Ty
Name on Earth: Tanner Tyson
ID:Argon *duh*
Planet: Natit/ City: Azarath/ Language: Azarathian

Back ground: Tanium was sent to earth por accident. First of all
her father was suppose to send her to the seventh demension to
find another panet...
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posted by DeltaYJ
I wake up in a soft bed, that’s the first thing that’s wrong. Adrenaline already pumping in my veins, I leap out of the unknown bed. I peer around the room, that’s definitely not Cadmus. Where am I? I ask myself. I realise another thing, I’m really tall. I look at myself in a nearby mirror. This can’t be happening someone else is staring at me through the mirror. I look like a pre-teenager, like Experiment 1535783. What was her image age again?......12? Yeah that’s it, 12 years old in human years. This must be a trick....a test! This is a Cadmus testing unit! Probably to teach...
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posted by SilverWings13
Worth part VI
"Do you know where we're going?" Artemis asked, her irritation making her forget to be cautious of the noise we made.
"Yes," I said, "according to the map, we're almost to the main labs. We're supposed to meet the others there."
"I know where we're supposed to be meeting them," she snapped, "And what do you mean por 'according to the map'. What'd you do, memorize it?"
"Yes." I stopped when I realized Artemis had halted. "Why'd you stop?"
"You memorized the map?"
I rolled my eyes and kept shuffling along.
"Kaldur had it up for five minutes," she said, following me again.
"Five minutes...
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posted by Obscurity98
Now everyone really was crammed into the little infirmary. M'gann was crying on Conner's shoudler, Artemis was sobbing quietly, ROy was biting down on his lip, hard. Kadlur was weeping openly. Aquaman was trying to tell him some Atlantean adivce, but Kaldur just ignored him. batman was helping J'onn up, while super-homem gazed down at the girl. He remembered the first time he met her. batman had her with him and she was all smiles, to her, super-homem was one of her favorito heroes. before she joined Young justice, she lived with him and lois. And kept Krypto company, she helped him save Metropolis...
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posted by rachele_X
I flopped down on the sofá in the lounge. I had been pacing across the room for the past forty-eight minutes, waiting for the Team to get back. I stretched my legs out, propping them up on the table, bored out of my mind. How much longer would they be? It was almost midnight, 11:52 to be exact, and they had been gone since 9:30. Even though it had only been about two hours, which was on the shorter end, mission-wise, it felt like days. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have the power to gauge time, it only made everything seem longer.
This happened a lot. Ever since the Team had so grudgingly accepted...
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posted by Robin_Love
Becca bit back her tears that night. She had succeeded in playing cool as she met Vita the angel of Death. Which Becca found funny considering the name Vita meant life in Italian. Nonetheless, Becca couldn't stop the pain in her heart. Salva's words had creeped into her mind, pushing away all pleasant thoughts. Had Robin ever loved her? Was he even worried bout her? Becca couldn't help but cry at the thought. It was so much pain. She'd given him everything and he'd broken it all. Why was she so foolish as to fall for someone who could only hurt her?
“I'll never fall in amor again! I swear...
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batman was still sticking with his decision on kicking Willow off the team, the thought it would be a bad idea to dividido, dividir the team up again so he kept Secret Six at the mountain now. Andrew didnt tell anyone what him and batman had talked about earlier, and everyone was wondering what it was.


Becca knew why Willow couldnt focus, she was scared and worried and that was one thing that made her powers fail. Becca was showing Willow some fighting techniques, Becca threw a kick at her and Willow shreiked...
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posted by Robin_Love
“What? Megan that's-that's great!” Wally exclaimed. “I can't believe you two were dating but none of us suspected!”
“Kaldur and I didn't need to suspect,” Robin admitted. “We already knew.”
“And I suppose you knew about Artemis and I?”
“Yeah. You two were probably the only ones who didn't know!”
Robin let out his infamous cackle and Wally only smiled. Artemis leaned into him, humming a little. Becca smirked at them and there was another flash.
“Becca! Stop it!” Artemis demanded playfully.
“You'll thank me one day. Don't forget, this never would have happened if it wasn’t...
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posted by justjill
"Hey Robin, you there?" Megan called. "Yeah?" Both of us answered. "I mean the other Robin..." She directed her stare to Megan and quickly left the gym. I stood up walked out of the gym just in time to see KidFlash running down the corridor. "Whoa, whats the rush?"I asked KidFlash as I blocked his path with my arm."Oh, I was looking for you, I need you to help me with something very important and you must tell no one! Especially Artemis." "Come one KF! I'm your best friend, why would i tell anyone?" He looked at me with his know-it-all eyes as he led me to Artemis's room. "I need you to hack...
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