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posted by Denelys
 Harly Quinn
Harly Quinn
Where am I?I looked around to see Junior Justice there watching me.
Iee!!!!!!Nan Dakoya?!?!
"Uhhh Im not jappanese soo Rob wanna take this one?"Kid Flash added.
Onee-chan where is she!'I keept looking but I did`nt find her round the room,I was tied to the bed.'
"Dove!come in here!!"Kid Flash added
She is awake??'I thought I told her to not get involved.'
"Onee-chan are you okay?"Dove came close and looked down on me.
Hai,I would kill you if you were`nt My beloved Onee-chan.
"Domo?Oh you mean what you told me,But they are such good people."
'She does`nt get it does she?'
Onee-chan we are leaving now!I roared at her I`ve never been so angry at her.
"Gomen nazai Onee-chan."
Iee,I should be the one apologizing Dove.I know its hard to relate here but we cannot stay here we have a mission and this will interupt us.
"Come on!!okay we have a proposal for you,beat our strongesst team member and we will leave you alone,don`t beat him and you will join."
Kid Flash said sneering.

We accept your proposal Kid Flash.Now who is your strongest team member?
Superboy got close:I am got a problem?
"N-No not at all."Dove was trembling in front of him,he is not so scary.
We will take you down got that?
"I`d amor to see you try."
We walked to the combat room and started fighting.
pomba Omega possition45D!
"Hai!!" We took out our wepons and aimed straight at him nothing will resist a sealing Arqueiro and a poisoned sai.
Iee!he dodged my attack and got pomba this fight won`t last much longer if shes down.
I aimed to his right arm and realesed the arrow.
Bulls eye!!!He let go of pomba and I ran toards him beating him down while doing a front flip landing on topo, início of him.
"Game over,we win Raven."
Hai.We better get going.I walked away to be stoped por Aqualad.
"We had a Deal we must leave now we won."
As pomba says,We won we are leaving.
"No our strongest member is all of us."
I put my hand behind my back and drew out a huge smoke pelet and escaped out of the mountain.

"Will we be seing them again?"
mais than you think.Just then Miss Martian Came in front of us as if to attack she was joined por Artemis.
"Please if you would just agree to reason with us we do not have to fight."
You all started this it was not us.
"Yes but litsen and try to-"I cut Miss Martian off,No!we have to go leave us alone!
We ran past them they did`nt follow us guess they got the message.

We we`re in Bludhaven only minutos away from Gotham.
"Im tired where are we going seguinte home?"
No,we will live here now Kikyo will not let us back .
"Then lets stay at a hotel or anywhere we need to rest to keep our strenght up."
Good your learning.We changed in an alley putting on normal american clothes I wore Glases and jeans with a white top.
Dusk wore a dress with red streaks.we walked to a hotel near us.
Hello,we wish to stay for the night.
"That`ll be 20 bucks here`s te key to your new room.Sleep tight."
Thank you,Good night.We walked to our new room 75A.
"It looks like our home!"
Dusk people are sleeping quiet and go get some rest.

When we got up in the morning a villan was on the news Harly Quinn.We left to Central city where she was.
"You all better surrender nows cause puddings not going down easy!"Harly yelled at the cops.
Sneek attack formation 45B.
"She would be too easy."
I was behind Harly aiming at her.
Games over harly surrender while you get the chance.
"Huh no it cant be puddings going to be mad get out of here Batsy is the only one who can fight me!"
Great that means Batmans coming or worse Junior Justice,But im not letting this stop me from taking Harly down.'
You got two options either you surrender and come quietly to arkaham or I fight you and you go the hard way.Chose whysly
"Raah!"Harly threw a laughing gas at the floor making it explode.
"Raven!!Shes getting away!"Dove yelled from the other side of the street.
Don`t let her get away I`ll be right behind you!.
I needed my mask it was especially made for withstanding any type of poisonus gasses or Miasma.I breathed in alot of gas before I had on my mask which made it hard to focus on shoting Harly,I took my sword Tetsusaiga The phantom sword which had been handed down to the Sonozakis for millenia.
I roared Windscar!!!
Making the streets crumble leaving destrution behind if you looked from above it looked like four claws had ripped in peaces the streets
of Central city,Harly did`nt get away.
"Good one Raven!But you breathed in alot of Gas you Yo ne?"
Yeah im fine just need fresh air,Harly I told you to chose whysly but you did`nt litsen.
"Im going to getcha and pudim to birdies!"
That was the last thing I heard from Harly before she was sent away to Arkaham.
"She getting a nice cold freezing room in arkaham.sweet sweet Karma."
Your Nailing down the hero humor.
"Really?Heros are always serious are`nt they?"
Some are and others just can`t shut up.I thought of Barry Allen the flash as I mentioned this.
I jumped from one building to another all the way to bluhaven which is a long jump from central city.
"I got an Idea Raven but you might not like it."
Hit me.
"How about joining the junior Justices team?"
Not now we still have some work todo.
Just then it was already nightfall I saw Red Arqueiro fighting some normal rua thugs one of them was going to knock him out for good.
I took my Arqueiro and aimed straight at the thug and pinned him to a wall.
"Thanks for helping me there,whats your name?"
Im Raven she is Dove.And your very welcome anytime.
"You need a ride?Im going to Bludhaven."
Really thanks we were heading there right now to rest up.
"Wow you guys are hard core from Central city to Bludhaven and wake up at anytime to save the world on foot now that is hard the Justice League has nothing on you."
I guess but we`re used to it.
"Raven I will be walking to Bludhaven you take the ride I need the fresh air."
pomba I can`t let you walk alone from here to Bludhaven are you insane without me around you can get killed you are`nt the quietest hero you know.'Dove pulled me to her and whispered in my ear.'
"I know you like this guy its obious and besides im faster than you if I need backup I`ll just scream out your name."
I do not have a crush on him,but still are`nt you tired?.
"hai im tired but you and him are so cute together."
Yo ne,Onee-chan Sayonara.After that pomba disapered into the night leaving me with Red Arrow.
"My bikes over here wanna wear my capacete you know for safty?."
Y-yeah sure.I put on the capacete and got on his bike.

"Where here.Welcome to Bludhaven."
Thank you.Dove was already there.
"See I told you I`d make it here alive not in a bodybag."
Come on your my sister if anything happened to you I don`t know what I`d do.
"Hey um Raven and pomba you guys hungry?"
I think I know where this is going I was already blushing.
A bit why do you ask?
"I was going to get a bite and wanted to know if you would like to come with me."
 "I was going to get a bite would you want to come with me?"
"I was going to get a bite would you want to come with me?"
posted by Mclovin_69
Artemis boarded on the train with the others from her início town, she sat down seguinte to Lucas who looked out the window as the train started, " arent you the boy that sails all the time? " Artemis asked, " yeah..." Lucas said turning to her. Willow and Wally sat across from them becuase the slots were seats of 4, " so... what do you thinks going to happen...." Willow asked, " to us? " Lucas asked. " yeah... " Willow said putting her knees up and resting her head in them. " well one of us are gunna win..... but it might not even be anyone from happy harbour..." Wally said. Artemis sighed " why...
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posted by Mclovin_69
Willow screamed in pain and woke up in the middle of a desert, the sun was shining blinding her, she gasped and rubbed her eyes she didnt know what was happening. She gasped as she heard grunting and saw Bullet on his hands and knees panting, " Bullet!!!" Willow screamed running to him, " w-what happened where are we?" he asked, " i- i honestly dont know" Willow said looking around.


Wally groaned and woke up in the desert aswell, he looked around and saw Melinda, this was strange why were they...
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    The other Robin stepped forward, his costume was different where my costume was black his was green.
“The Master of Games, what do you want this time,” The other Robin roared, it was creepy haw much he sounded like Batman, was I gonna sound like that when I turn 16ish? The man in the capa laughed
“Vengence, oh and I have a new game for you. Melody will explain,” A little girl no older then ten stepped out of the shadows, she looked like she belonged in a Greek mythology. With her silk tunic, sandals and louro, laurel leaves tucked behind her ears.
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posted by Skittles98
“I will train my students while you lead your team. When they are trained, I will find the seguinte generation and train them. I will assist you if you need help, but I will stay here otherwise” I said. I never turned around.
“Night, you’re quitting the team?” Robin asked
“Yes” I nodded
“But you never quit. No matter what” he protested
“Exactly. When you faced Superman, did you quit? When your mom was kidnapped, did you quit? When you wanted to attack Kalder, did you quit? No. You kept going, no matter the pain” Wally said
“We need you Night” Robin said
“Without you, we’re...
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posted by Skittles98
I ran towards my bike. The silent alarm on the bank had just been tripped. I jumped on and rode quickly to the bank. I stopped outside and heard fighting going on inside. I ran in, my disc’s ready. I found an archer in red beating up a crook with his bow. One of them was about to beijoca, smack him upside the head with a corvo bar. I threw my disc, hitting it out of his hand. I leaned against the door frame. The archer got punched, then thrown to the ground. I threw a net at the last crook and tied them up. I helped the archer up. He rubbed his stomach where he got punched.
“Are you supposed to be...
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posted by Skittles98
“Not fun! NOT FUN!” I screamed as we raced over the track. The chariot felt every bump in the road. I was holding onto the reins for dear life. I slowed the cavalos to a slow trot. The girl who was teaching me seemed to be enjoying my panic.
“Okay. You seem to know who to control the cavalos know. Let’s practice your turns now.” She instructed.
“YA!” I called, flicking the reins. The cavalos raced down the track. I pulled the corner with ease. I sped it up a bit and raced around the segundo corner. I heard my instructor gasp. I slowed the cavalos when we went near Hypolita.
“I think...
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“Megan, I need your help. It concerns Sarah” I said urgently
“Alright. What do you need?” she asked
“I need you to fly the bio ship while I look for this so called house of Midas. Apollo warned me it has a huge security system though. I bet you it’s not very secure; I could probably hack it no problem” I mentioned
“Got it. I’ll be right there, just got to grab my biscoitos, cookies I just baked so Wally doesn’t stuff his face” she agreed. I laughed, picturing Wally stuffing his face with cookies. After M’gann grabbed the biscoitos, cookies and gave me one, we got on the ship and took off. I...
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it was another perfect summer dia in Gotham City, but the 4 Grayson Wayne brothers…Dick Richard John Grayson Wayne, Jason Todd Grayson Wayne, Timothy marreco, drake Grayson Wayne, Damian Grayson Wayne & the Team were having an all-out prank war.
But this was because the Team had gotten a favo de mel & tricked them into thinking that the honey was sunscreen & it attracted a swarm of honeybees.
But the 4 of them screamed at their friends that they would get their revenge: then they had the perfect prank…the 4 brothers went to the bathroom, replaced the Team shampoos & conditioners with azedar, azedo cream.
Then they cleverly snuck out of the bathroom, but when their teammates saw the prank, they screamed,“DICK! JASON! TIM! DAMIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” the brothers recognized the screams of their friends & high-fived each other...
It was early December 🎄 in the Hall, the Justice Leaguers & the Young Justice Leaguers were having a natal 🎅 party & having a great time, they were all chattering away like old friends, it was a beautiful winter’s night 🌃, until the Joker 🃏 & Harley 🃏 noticed that Bruce Wayne & his eldest son 👦, 18 ano old Dick & Barry Allen & his nephew Wally were under the mistletoe 🌿…[aka the holly!] but even though some of the couples didn’t want to, it was natal 🎅 tradition to kiss 💋 underneath the mistletoe 🌿.
But they were too busy talking...
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It was another autumn dia at Gotham Academy, it was Janice & Selena Teresa Gaenon’s first dia at the school, they were really nervous but excited at the same time, then they met Artemis’ friend, Bette who was actually Gotham Academy’s welcoming committee, she greeted & welcomed them to the school, but all of a sudden, when they walked into the courtyard, the sisters noticed a red haired girl & 4 ebony haired boys, then they leaned over to Bette & asked,”Bette, who’s that over there?” Bette said,”what? Oh! you mean over there?” the sisters nodded & Selena...
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This video is awesome. The whole thing fits together perfectly
yes i know he is Dick but just...watch.
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