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When I opened my eyes and looked at the time, it was 7:30 a.m. I got up and changed in to my green sweater, my black leather jaqueta and my black jeans. I put on my shades and walked out the door. I walked down the hall to Sarah’s room and knocked on the door. No answer. ‘She must have gotten an early start’ I thought. I walked into the lounge to get a glass of water to find a glass already out. I went to the tap to fill it up and noticed water swishing around in the bottom. I squinted hard and realized that it formed a sentence. It said:
Robin, Melinoe the goddess of ghosts has captured me. I’m not sure where I’m being taken but just follow my trail from my katana. It will hopefully lead you to me.
amor Sarah.
Aqualad walked in. “Nice try, Kalder, but Sarah would never get captured” I grinned “What are you talking about?” he asked “Kalder, I know it was you who wrote the note in the water” I said “Robin, I’ve been in my room until now. How could I have written the note?” he asked “That means Sarah really was taken por the ghost goddess! I have to find her!” I exclaimed
I followed the mark left por her katana, first it went to the closet, then to the fridge, seguinte it went over and out the door to the de praia, praia then it stopped. Right in front of the forest. I looked everywhere I could think of. Nothing. Tears started to streak down my cheeks. I yelled to the heavens above, the sun shining high in the sky. APOLLO! If anyone could tell me where Sarah was, it was the god of the sun. Now the problem was getting him here. It’s not like I could just yell at him to come here…or could I?
“APOLLO! I NEED YOUR HELP! SARAH HAS GONE MISSING AND COULD BE IN GREAT DANGER!” I screamed. There was a blast of light and Apollo was standing before me.
“Do you know where Sarah is?” I demanded
“Yes, but you’re not going to be happy” Apollo replied “She is at the house of Midas, the man of gold”
“Where is that?” I asked, getting worried
He gave me a map. “This is a magic map. You have to tell it where you want to go before it shows you a route” Apollo explained
“The house- wait. Apollo, can the map track people, incase they move?” he nodded”Show me Sarah’s location. Keep updating each time she moves”
 “She is at the house of Midas, the man of gold”
“She is at the house of Midas, the man of gold”
Wally and Artemis stop at a Big Red Chinese restaurant with a bright neon sign saying "Zen restaurant" they entered the building. The bartender was cleaning the counter as they entered. His eyes never lifted to look at them.
"Kidflash is it? What brings you here?" he asked as he grabbed a cerveja glass. "You drink?" Wally refused and answered.
"There's been a homiside"
"What? So now your replacing Robin? tsk tsk tsk" he shook his head.
"Robin is working on he case too. mais complicated stuff."
"Wondering if you've seen a redhead in her 20s a stamp on one of her arms? Ring any bells?" Artemis lent against...
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Ari's story

Name:Ari Wayne
age:16 (it will change though throughout time)
Closest friend:first its a rough start,but then she
becomes great friends with Artemis
hero outfit:sky blue midrift with straps,sky blue miniskirt,small black mask like Robin's,black fingertipless gloves,and green sandals

casual clothes:it changes but normally it's blue skinny jeans,sky blue t-shirt with an angel logo,and
blue converse

description:pale skin,long dark brown hair,light green eyes,5"5",sleek,average sized chest

powers:sorcery,levitating,astral projection,sacred magic,self healing/heals others,empath,and...
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'What?Detention'. David shouted looking at the paper the teacher at Gotham high handed him. 'Haha'. Crystal laughed when she heard David had got detention. She walked with David and grinned.'I can't believe I got detention". David wailed.

'Again?'. Crystal said. 'You need to concentrate in class'. She added.'Yeah i hope your luck is good?'. David said annoyed.

'Yup. I got the role of Juliet in school play'. Crystal smiled that ran in front of him and joined a blond haired girl. ' Artemis, I got the role of Juliet'.
Crystal said exited. She was a member of Young Justice but was two years younger...
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300 violin orchestra
Robin fiddled with the flashlight as it ran out of battery again.
"Any spare?" he asked. Roy handed him two batteries.
"You carry batteries around?" Wally asked preventing from giggling. Roy ignored him. As Robin fixed the flashlight they continued walking. They reached a dead end with a big wooden door.
"Do we go in?" Wally asked.
"Just get it over with!" Conner roared his hands covering his ears. Roy nodded and pushed open the door. A scratching, squeaking noise moaned the teenagers. Red as cores swirled inside. They headed in the red room.

"They're taking too long!" Megan squealed looking at Kaldur....
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Oliver a.k.a Green arrow, was watching the Londres Olympics on TV cheering on America in Archery when Roy burst into the room with an angry look on his face.
"What did I tell you about planning a surprise party!" he panted rapidly. GA stood up.
"Who told you?"
"Wally couldn't keep his mouth shut. Sooner or later he said something about it!"
"Dang!" GA whispered to himself.
"There's no way I'm having a surprise party!"
"We'll, okay then, since you know about it, it wont be a surprise party. Problem solved." he sat back down on the sofá as the women's 100m running began to start.
"Just cancelar the whole...
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To celebrate his upcoming marriage, Dick Grayson is accompanied por his adopted brother, Tim Drake, and his two best friends, Wally West and Roy Harper, to travel to Las Vegas for their bachelor party...
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red Arqueiro
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Ari went to the bathroom to take a chuveiro when,she heard chuckling coming from behind her,but when she turned around noone was there.She reached for the doorknob,and then all of a sudden Beastboy was standing right in front of
her."Ahh!Who the heck are you?"She yelled,"i'm
Beastboy one of the members of the team.You must be Ari.M'gann told me about you."he said,"Yeah,well it was a nice chat,but i need to take a chuveiro if you don't mind."she said,so he let herthrough and she stripped naked and got in the chuveiro as she was bathing she thought about earlier that dia when she hurt batgirl."I never...
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Dick opened his eyes. He was still extremely tired and his side hurt badly. He blinked a few times, trying to remember the facts. Zucco stabbed me. I'm still alive. I wish I wasn't. He sat up slowly in the cama in the Med-Bay. "Hey, you're up." yawned a voice. Dick stared at Artemis. Her eyes were puffy and her hair was a mess. "Yeah." he whispered, watching her. "Were you crying?" Artemis rubbed her eyes and said, "Just a little bit. But you're the only one who knows." Dick smiled. "It's good to cry you know." She rolled her eyes and stared at him. "Seriously Dick. I think we might have jumped...
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Dick was silent as Wally and Artemis walked por him. She glanced at him. "Dick, are you..?" He nodded to her. "I'm fine, Artemis." He ran ahead. "I guess he just wants to see his parents again." she whispered. Wally flinched. "Artie, his parents aren't missing." She cocked her head. "They're dead." Artemis stopped in her tracks. "Zucco murdered them?" Wally nodded. She bolted past him and up to Dick. He was surprised when she hugged him. "Art?" he asked in surprise. Wally smiled at his friend's confusion. He jogged up to them and pointed. "We got some druggies up ahead." he pointed out. Artemis...
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