"This de praia, praia is for everyone! Well, only the team actually."
When I got back to headquarters, I went straight to bed. I couldn't risk going to another mission drowsy.
Thankfully, this night wasn't as lousy as yesterday's. When I closed my eyes, and opened them later, it was already morning.
Wow. How the time flies by...
Suddenly, I heard a few shouting. I looked out the window, curious to find out who it was.
Surprisingly, the shouts were from the team at the beach. A wave was coming at them, and Megan ran at it with her surfboard.
It seemed weird; I never got to see them fooling around like that.
I looked at my alarm clock.
Ten o'clock, already?!!! Again, I was relieved that I didn't have to train with Aquaman until seguinte week.
Without thinking, I grabbed a roupa de banho, fato de banho from my bag and ran outside.
"Erica!" KF shouted, waving.
I almost didn't recognize him without his suit. How weird is that??
I waved back. "Mind if I cadastrar-se you guys?"
KF scooted over on his de praia, praia blanket. "Not at all. This de praia, praia is for everyone! Well, only the team actually."
I set my towel down on the sand and sat on it. I took my sunblock from my bag and wiped it all over my skin.
His nose wrinkled. "Ew, sunblock. It smells horrible!"
I dabbed a bit on both my cheeks. "Well, don't come crying to me when you turn red por the end of the day."
He thought that over, then took the sunblock bottle and wiped it over himself.
I lay down and stared into the sun. Being part of a super team really pays off.
Groans emerged from in front of me, and I looked forward.
Megan was pouting at the clear ocean in front of her. "No mais waves!" She looked pleadingly toward me.
I stood seguinte to her, feeling the warm sand under my bare feet. "You want a wave?" I asked, bored.
"YES!" she squealed.
I sighed and completed the mover Aquaman had taught me.
Soon enough, an army of waves were coming to the shore, challenging the alien to ride them.
"Woo-hoo!" she cheered, paddling toward them. "Thanks, Erica!"
"Yeah, whatever," I took my assento seguinte to KF and pulled out my sunglasses.
Behind them, I saw Robin walking toward me.
"Erica, can I talk to you for a bit?"
I was glad I was wearing sunglasses, so he couldn't see my eyes roll. "Of course."
I followed him toward the junngle, where we ducked under a few branches and ended up in the thicket.
I crossed my arms, impatient. "What did you want to talk about?"
He looked down, blushing. "Well, don't think I'm nosy--I'm just curious..."
"Spit it out!" I snapped.
He sighed. "Where did you go last night? When we all went back to Mount Justice?"
I half-expected him to ask me this. It wasn't wrong of him to be suspicious--I was perfectly okay with that.
"Batman told me that not all sidekicks would stay and sometimes they go on to become their own hero and he mentioned that Red Arqueiro was one of those people and so I wanted to talk to him about it..." My words came out in a jumble.
It took a while for him to understand what I'd just said. "Why did batman tell you that sidekicks leave?"
Should I tell him? He's my boyfriend; we're supposed to be honest toward each other.
I took a deep breath. "Robin, batman noticed how powerful I was when I sent that tsunami wave back to the ocean. When I told Megan that I needed some tips from Aquaman, I was actually there for training. Bats wanted me to work hard on my elements.
"He said when I get good enough, I could leave the team and become my hero. I put up an argument that I would NEVER leave the team, and then he said that sidekicks somehow decide to leave."
I was afraid to look at his reaction, so I played with sand with my feet.
When I thought he was going to yell at me, instead, he hugged me. "I understand why you didn't wanna tell the team. But they've got to learn somehow."
I felt guilty that I had expected him to be meaner on this subject. I pulled away from him and smiled. "Well, I don't think I'm getting very far with my training, so I might stay here longer."
"Awesome. Now why don't we hit the waves?"
"I was waiting for you to say that!"
One thing I loved about Robin, was that he'd quickly ignore the dilemma completely and would go on with life.
But the con was, he was going to make me choose whether or not I should leave the team.

Why are boys so complicated??
"Now why don't we hit the waves?"