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Who is Wendy and what does it have to do with neverland?

I know i'm late but i'm such a total noob.
 RedX posted over a year ago
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brown-eyed-girl said:
Wendy is a classmate of Connor. She was in high school with him and Megan in season 1. Now she is in college with Connor. Neverland is the name of their ship. She is Wendy like in peter pan,and Connor doesn't age or grow up. So he's like Peter pan and she is Wendy
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posted over a year ago 
i didn't know Conner is in college
purplevampire posted over a year ago
Oh My Gosh How did I not know about this ship???
rosedawson1 posted over a year ago
i never look at their ship like that its so cute
Kurls_Basd posted over a year ago
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