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posted by SilverWings13
Following Mafia's example and creating a mais YJ oriented OC~

Name: Fey
Meaning of name: fairy
Hero Name: Valkyrie
Eye Color: soft brown
Hair Style/Color: dirty blonde, curly
Age: 19
Special features: white wings that fold neatly under her clothes when in civvies
Abilities: flight (wings), fast healing, super strength and speed
Species: Amazonian
Birth place: Themyscira

Civvies: comfortable black leggings, grey converse, white socks, dark blue Gotham universidade sweatshirt, golden bracelet with green gems and matching earrings
Hero suit: see pic at right

Background: Fey was born...
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posted by Robin_Love
Name: Tara Almaraz
Reason or meaning of name: “Queen” (Irish), “Star” (Asian)
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Style/Color: Blown, worn down mostly
Height: 5'7
Clothing Style: Uhm..suave nerd?
Best Physical Feature: Hair

Your Fears: Uhmm.....skip
Your Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate
Your Biggest Pet Peeve: Personal space
Your Ambition for the Future: To live...

Your First Thoughts Waking Up: I'm so sore
What You Think About the Most: Do white-haired Siberians count?
What You Think About Before Bed: I wish this was over already
You Think Your Best Quality...
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posted by Eclipse-YJ

The days had run out. That special dia had arrived once again. She had been siting in her car staring at the dashboard for about 20 minutos now, hands still on the wheel, trying to muster up the courage to step outside and begin her annal pilgrimage through this waste land of ash and silence. She twiddled her wedding ring around her finger and glanced over at the dark red rosas resting on her passenger seat.

Finally climbing out she starred at her surroundings, taking in each painful detail. The horizon was nothing but shadows, grey and black silhouettes of the past, rusting structures...
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Sorry for posting so much, but this is it for another two or so weeks.

Ayo, so, I'm back.. Which you probably gathered that.. Well, a few characters need to go, and I'll add a few, only because they're important. I wanna write this huge fã fiction with many chapters, but idk how everyone would tie and just- ((Whitney.) nevermind. Here's the list of who stays, who is going. Anyone who isn't listed is terminated, unless I forgot someone who was meant to live.

•Fang (bio completed and updated)
•Jaime (updated, needs posted) Jaime's kids, Parker and Finnian are also staying, but do not...
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